The Stranger's Message

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The Stranger's Message
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May 1997
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Freedom Run The Stranger's Message A Carnival of Secrets


"What would Jesus do...?" In an instant, the stranger's words died as he crumpled to the floor.

When a stranger arrives in Odyssey looking for work, a preoccupied Whit turns him away. But when the man unexpectedly shows up at Whit's End that evening and interrupts the kids' Bible Quiz contest, the unimaginable happens - he suddenly collapses from a heart attack!

The next morning in church, Whit wonders how he, as a Christian, should have responded to this hurting, needy person. Then, he challenges everyone to pledge that they will evaluate every decision they face by first asking, "What would Jesus do?"

But God's will is not always easy to determine, as Karen Crosby, Lucy Cunningham-Schultz, Oscar Peterson, Matt, and Jack Davis (even Whit!) soon discover. What would you do if you found a school official accepting bribes? Or learned that the town bullies had just stolen your friend's lunch money - again? After all, the Bible doesn't include special verses on dealing with issues like these, or does it?


  • Based on the 1897 Charles Sheldon classic, "In His Steps."
  • The "Epilogue" to original version of this book included part of the scene from the beginning of Connie Comes to Town, meaning that this book might take place after Lights Out at Whit's End. Unfortunately, much of the dialogue was not the same between the book and the audio broadcast, which is likely one reason it was changed in the re-package.