Imagination Station Pack 1-3

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Imagination Station Pack 1-3
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Voyage with the Vikings

While visiting Mr. Whittaker at Whit's End, Beth and Patrick find a mysterious letter in the Imagination Station requesting a Viking sunstone. The letter is old and says that someone named Albert will be imprisoned if the sunstone isn’t found. Mr. Whittaker sends cousins Patrick and Beth to Greenland circa 1000.

On their quest for the sunstone, the cousins meet Vikings Erik the Red and Leif Erikson - and find the sunstone as they join Leif on his first voyage to North America. But the adventure is just beginning, for when they return to Mr. Whittaker’s workshop with the sunstone, there is another note waiting for them, requesting a silver goblet.

Join Patrick and Beth as they continue their travel to various lands and time in the Imagination Station book series.

Attack at the Arena

Patrick and Beth learn that Mr. Whittaker’s fancy ring can be seen inside the Imagination Station but not outside of the machine. A mysterious letter leads the cousins to fifth-century Rome in search of a special cup that belongs to a monk. If found, the cup could keep the mysterious Albert out of prison.

At the Roman Colosseum, Emperor Honorius is hosting a gladiator battle in celebration of a war victory. Beth attends the event as the emperor’s slave; Patrick attends as a monk’s apprentice but is taken prisoner and sent to fight in the arena. During their adventure, the cousins meet Telemachus (a true historical figure), a monk who believes that fighting is wrong. Telemachus is willing to risk everything—even his life—to stop the killing. When the cousins return with the cup, they find that a third letter has been sent with more information about Albert’s fate.

Peril in the Palace

While visiting Mr. Whittaker, Patrick and Beth find a letter requesting a golden tablet from China. The cousins visit Marco Polo, who is 21 years old and on his way to meet Kublai Khan in 1275. The Khan is easily impressed by the Chinese magicians in his court, but Patrick and Marco Polo set out to show that it is science, not magic, behind their tricks. Upon realizing that Patrick and Beth have rare knowledge, the Khan tries to keep them with him forever. During their stay in China, the cousins meet Ollie, an 11-year-old boy who has been sending them notes about Albert. The three children win the favor of the Khan’s wife, and she helps them escape with a golden tablet that will guarantee them safe passage out of China. When they return home, they find out that Mr. Whittaker has met the mysterious Albert on a previous Imagination Station visit.


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