Mystery of the Lost Voices, Part 3

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#7: “Mystery of the Lost Voices, Part 3”
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Release Date
July 17, 2004
Mystery of the Lost Voices
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Mystery of the Lost Voices, Part 3

“Mystery of the Lost Voices, Part 3” is episode #7 of the Last Chance Detectives audio series. It was written by John Fornof and Robert Vernon, and was released on an unknown date.



At the Last Chance Gas and Diner, Bill Brannon plays the reel-to-reel tape Mike and Spence found. It is a recording of the final few minutes in the plane of Buddy Lewis and the Cats, recorded by a member of the band to show Buddy how hard he had been pushing them. They practice "I Think I'm In Love" and Buddy chastises them for not working harder as the plane is hit by lightning. The pilot calls for help but cannot make contact. They fly blind through the storm and begin diving. Though they fight to bring the nose back up, the plane crashes.

Ben and Mike go to Ray Barnett's room at the hotel to ask for part of the reward money since they have found two of the twelve tapes. He disagrees that they deserve some of it -- he offers to give them all of it on Friday. He also offers them a bonus for each remaining tape that they find.

Winnie comments about the difference between the two versions of "I Think I'm In Love" on the two tapes as Spencer analyzes the last tape. Mike wonders if Crazy Carl placed the tape on their quad, but Winnie reminds him that they were being sent away by him at that time. They consider the possibility that Carl stole the tapes, and Winnie tells them that Carl lives on Navajo land, where they let him live because they have superstitions about crazy people. Also, Carl won't be there -- because he delivers rocks to her grandmother's shop on Thursdays. Her grandmother tells them when Carl delivers the rocks, and they sneak into his cabin.

As they look through the house, they find a guitar with the initials BL, Buddy Lewis's leather jacket, and ten reel-to-reel tapes. At that moment, they hear Crazy Carl approaching -- and there is no way out. He enters the cabin, and demands to know why they are there. Mike accuses him of stealing the tapes. Carl insists that he was given them by John Glenn. They take the tapes, despite Carl's protests, and leave.

They return to the hotel, but find Boppin' Bill instead. He informs them that Ray won't be around anytime soon -- the tapes and plane they found were proven to be scams. Ray planted the tapes and led the kids to the site (where he had previously planted a fuselage). A Buddy Lewis impersonator admitted to helping.

The gang returns to the B-17 to tell Spence, who insists that Buddy Lewis's graphic voice-print matches the tape they found on the quad of the final moments in the plane. The media has also made the discovery, and arrives at the Lady Liberty to ask questions. Spence analyzes the tape further, and determines that the plane crashed into water -- not ground. There is only one lake around large enough to hide a plane. They investigate and find the plane.

Discussion Questions

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Character Actor
Boppin' Bill Brannon Daran Norris
Buddy Lewis Jess Harnell
Andy Davis Unknown
Nick Turner Unknown
Sheriff Smitty Steve Kanaly
Winona Whitefeather Mae Whitman
Pop Fowler Jim Custer
Mike Fowler Adam Wylie
Spence Williams AJ Noel
Ben Jones Daryl Sabara
Ray Barnett Townsend Coleman
Monama Whitefeather Susan Silo
Carl (a) Jess Harnell
Randy Nettles Unknown


  • The story of Buddy Lewis is likely based partially on the true story of Buddy Holly -- a '50s rock star whose plane crashed in 1959.


Boppin' Bill Brannon: Hey there! Hi there! Ho there! This is B-B-B-Boppin' Bill Brannon, broadcasting live and in person from the Last Chance Gas & Diner in beautiful downtown Ambrosia! Otherwise known as the "Fruit Bowl" of Arizona! Stay tuned for more oldies, goldies, and moldies, right here on... (singing voices) "Oldies Radio Net-woooooork"!

Winona "Winnie" Whitefeather: What are we gonna do?
Mike Fowler: I don't know! Um... uh... just... act natural.
Winona "Winnie" Whitefeather: What?
Carl (a): (door opening) Oh!!! Carl scared!
Mike Fowler: So! What's...uh... happenin', Carl?
Ben Jones: Uh... nice... cabin. (nervous chuckle) Nice day! Uh... nice. Real nice.