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Passages is a book series by Paul McCusker. The Passages series takes place at about the same time at about the current period in the radio drama, but each one also has an inner story that is told in "manuscript" form and happens before the radio series. All six books are a continued series of mystery stories. The only characters carried over from the audio series are Whit, Jack Allen, Connie Kendall, and Dr. Jennings.


  1. Darien's Rise (book)
  2. Arin's Judgment
  3. Annison's Risk
  4. Glennall's Betrayal
  5. Draven's Defiance
  6. Fendar's Legacy
  7. The Marus Manuscripts: Volume 1
  8. The Marus Manuscripts: Volume 2




  • This series went through several name changes. Originally, they were titled Corridors, reflecting the idea of "halls" between one world and another. Then the name Tesseracts was suggested. In geometry, a tesseract is a "four dimensional cube," where the fourth dimension represents the change of the cube though time. Finally, the Odyssey team settled on Passages, a word that evoked a journey and also hinted that the books paralleled passages of scripture.
Adventures in Odyssey's "Passages" series has been designed to retell Bible stories in a new and creative way so that young listeners will be able to experience them as if for the first time. All of the "Passages" stories are based squarely on key episodes of scriptural history. The names have been changed, the details have been altered, and the setting has been moved to an exciting land of Marus. As you listen to the story, you may recognize the basic outlines, key characters, and scriptural lessons from the Bible stories. We used this fictional device because familiarity can sometimes dull the impact of an oft-told tale. "Passages" isn't the first series to use this strategy. C. S. Lewis did a similar thing when he wrote The Chronicles of Narnia. Narnia was born out of Lewis's understanding that fantasy can be a good tool for communicating gospel truths. He once wrote, "By casting all these things into an imaginary world, striping them of their stained-glass and Sunday School associations, one could make them for the first time appear in their real potency" (from "Of Other Worlds: Essays and Stories"). As has always been the case with Adventures in Odyssey, we hope that parents and children will listen to the dramas together and discuss what they've heard. We hope you enjoy the "Passages" series!

Focus on the Family, Passages website