The Day Ambrosia Stood Still, Part 3

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#3: “The Day Ambrosia Stood Still, Part 3”
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Release Date
June 19, 2004
The Day Ambrosia Stood Still
Standing up for what you believe in
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The Day Ambrosia Stood Still, Part 3

“The Day Ambrosia Stood Still, Part 3” is episode #3 of the Last Chance Detectives audio series. It was written by Marshal Younger and Robert Vernon, and was released on an unknown date.


Spence tracks the device causing the problems to the truck stop owned by Frank and Selena. Mike and Ben investigate, are captured, and find Jason. Winnie takes the money from Wes Ortega as Sheriff Smitty and Spencer head off to save the boys. When Frank and Selena discover that Ortega bought Martha the pacemaker, they leave for the hospital.


Mike tries to get a little girl off of the merry-go-round as Ben and Winnie attempt to turn off the generator, which powers the carnival. Ben hits the switch with a baseball and the electricity shuts down, but the carnival is ruined, and Sheriff Smitty refuses to allow it reopen.

Spence discovers that the device causing the trouble is still emitting a low-power signal, and that after leaving the carnival traveled down Route 66 at the Astro-City Truck Stop. Mike and Ben travel to the truck stop and make their way into a warehouse behind it, where the signal is coming from. Inside it, they discover Jason's car. They crawl in to be sure, and Ben accidentally sets off the horn. Frank and Selena come into the warehouse and the boys cower in the car. But just before the two leave, Spence begins talking over the radio, and the two are caught. Selena makes Mike tell Spencer over the walky-talky to leave them alone for awhile, and Mike secretly tells him to get Sheriff Smitty.

In the hospital, Winnie talks to her still-unconscious grandmother and admits that she doesn't feel strong enough to carry on the fight when her grandmother's health and well-being is at stake. She calls Wes Ortega and tells him she will take the money.

Frank forces the boys into a (ventilated and unplugged) walk-in freezer, where they find Jason Whittaker. He tells them that Frank and Selena are behind all the interference -- with their EMP-X generator; a small device that sends out intense bursts of energy, which they stole.

Spence reluctantly admits to Sheriff Smitty that they broke into the warehouse and he unhappily goes out to attempt to save them.

As the Sheriff and Spence head out to the truck stop, Jason tells Mike and Ben the Montroses' plan: they work in opposition to Wes Ortega for businessmen in Vegas who stand to make money from a casino being built in Ambrosia. To achieve this end, they intend to kill Martha Whitefeather. The husband and wife receive a call, informing them that Ortega bought her the pacemaker. After this revelation, they leave.

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  • Ben’s assertion that they are just “meddling kids” is a reference to Scooby Doo.


Ben Jones: I can feel the carbonated dioxide choking me! Oxygen! I need air!
Jason Whittaker: Don't worry, there's a vent.