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For the dramatized version of this book, see Passages: Darien's Rise.
Darien's Rise
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Kyle, Darien, and Anna look upon the land of Marus
Kyle, Darien, and Anna look upon the land of Marus
Kyle, Darien, and Anna look upon the land of Marus
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April 2010
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Kyle and Anna, two kids from 1950's Odyssey, find themselves transported to a strange new world called Marus. They are immediately caught up in a struggle between a power-mad king and his valiant young general.


For a full plot, see Darien's Rise saga.
Jack Allen has purchased some goods from the Estate of a retired Odyssey school teacher who has passed away. As Jack says: "Nothing remarkable", except an old Manuscript written in a school notebook. The title reads: Manuscript #1 "The Chronicle of the Chosen", and is dated October 3rd, 1958. Jack brings the manuscript into Whit's End and shows it to Whit. Whit takes it home and reads it.

The story begins in the summer of 1958 as Kyle and Anna are visiting their Grandparents in Odyssey. One day they explore an abandoned house in the woods nearby. Kyle gets careless and falls through some floorboards, but...suddenly finds himself wrapped in a curtain? He gets loose just in time to save a young man's life, and race away. When Anna came to help Kyle, a White Light surrounds her, and she finds herself in completely different world called Marus. Caught as a spy, and sold as a slave, Anna is rescued by an old man called the Old Judge. He explains that have been chosen by the "Unseen One" as a Voice and Protector.

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Biblical parallel

The story of David being chased by Saul



  • This book was dramatized and aired on the radio in the 2009 Season. The nine parts were packaged in Passages: Darien's Rise.
  • The second and third editions of this book included a map of Marus.
  • Characters in this book visit a town called Nob. The scene parallels the biblical story of David when he visits the priests in Nob.
  • Portions of this book were included in the June and July 2000 issues of Breakaway magazine.
  • Included in The Marus Manuscripts: Volume 1
  • Read a Sample Chapter


Discussion Questions

Discussion questions are based on the dramatized version.