Sister Leona

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Sister Leona
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For further instruction in the ways of the Unseen One, Anna was sent to Sister Leona's convent in Dorr. Sister Leona was accused of being in league with Darien, and King Lawrence secretly ordered the destruction of the convent — which led to her tragic death.


Her first scene, which was when Darien brought Anna to her in the middle of the night, she is said to have white hair that stuck out at odd angles from under the hood of her dressing gown. She has one green eye and one blue eye which is the result of her being a prophet for the Unseen One.

Related characters

She was the teacher of Anna, and keeper of Commander Soren's sword. She is spiritually related to The Old Judge and all others who believe in the Unseen One.

Biblical parallel

Ahimelech the priest (I Sam. 22).


Sister Leona is voiced by Isabella Hoffman, has appeared in 2 episodes.


Darien’s Rise (book)