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Anna stumbled across Anastasia after the tragic destruction of the convent in Dorr. After Anna left, Anastasia was next seen by Kyle who sought her insight into how he could get home. While Kyle was still visiting her, King Lawrence came to speak with the Old Judge — a spirit that Anastasia was supposed to conjure up. What followed was a harrowing encounter that offered King Lawrence no hope.


Anastasia lived in a wooden shack with a tin roof. There is a red palm on the front door, which according to the Rat, is the sign of a seer. The inside of her house was a dump, with dirt and trash everywhere. There is also a faded carnival poster with a painting of a much younger Anastasia. It depicts her as a dark and beautiful woman with her hair flowing and shimmering around her face with magnetic eyes. Her hands were raised up as if she were conjuring something, her nails bright blue. The woman in the picture bore little resemblance to the Anastasia that appears in Darien’s Rise: Anastasia in the present is is a bony, hunched over, shriveled, old woman with dirty, gray hair, and a raspy, croaking, old voice. When she laughs it is in a horse-like manner. She wears a peasant dress, with a tattered shawl that hangs like cobwebs from her shoulders. Anastasia also owns a skeletal cat.

Biblical parallel

The Witch of Endor (I Sam. 28)


Anastasia is voiced by Susan Silo, has appeared in 2 episodes.


Darien’s Rise (book)