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Fictional Country
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Marus is a country in which the Passages series takes place.


King Lawrence was the first king of Marus. He was a one-member dynasty, as the kingship then passed to the house of Darien. Lawrence was anointed by the Old Judge a long time ago to signify his appointment by The Unseen One.

Darien was the second king of Marus. Under his reign, the country was solidified against its adversaries around it. 200 years later, Marus was taken over by a general, Commander Mobeck. While the population of the western portion of the country wanted him to be their leader, the Eastern portion wanted to remain free, thus resulting for a time in an East Marus and West Marus. During this time, the Unseen One appointed a prophet named Draven to speak against Mobeck and his wife, Skalaw. They would not show reverence to the Unseen One, so they both died. Some years later, the Palatians, the barbaric southern neighbors to the Marutians from the country of Palatia, conquered the country. The Palatian king and his advisor planned to kill all the believers of the Unseen One, but a brilliant young Marutian named Annison, who was married to the king, saved that from happening, with the help of a young girl named Madina Nicholaivitch.


Marus has two moons.



  • There is actually a real village called Marus in Palestine, and another in Iran.
  • The amount of time between Fletcher's Rebellion and Darien's Rise makes sense considering the technology of the time of the former was around the mid 1800s and the later takes place around the World War 1 era as the same amount of time took place between the eras of the judges and King David's rise.
  • Marus exists in a different dimension or at minimum another planet from Odyssey but the common God of the two areas allowed people to travel from Odyssey to Marus to serve a purpose.
  • Both stories in the radio series are told to separate adults in Odyssey, Tom Riley in Fletcher's Rebellion and Whit and Jack Allen in Darien's Rise. With the death of Tom most likely both parties never knew of the other stories.