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King Lawrence
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His call to the throne of Marus was identified by the Old Judge many decades before Darien's Rise. Initially a good king, he turned evil by the time of Darien's first great victory (over Commander Soren). King Lawrence did everything within his power to see Darien quietly disappear. Whether it was sending him on a useless mission or outright trying to shoot Darien with a crossbow, Lawrence never succeeded. Darien had an opportunity to kill the king on a train, but he said could not harm one whom the Unseen One had called. The king's greatest distress came when he learned of Adria, Monrovia and Palatia joining forces to come against Marus. He sought to "speak" with the Old Judge, who had perished; but he knew Anastasia could conjure him up. After being rebuked by the Old Judge and dragging Kyle into battle with him, King Lawrence died a coward.


He is a large older man with wild, brown hair and a heavy beard and mustache, all streaked with gray. He speaks (or usually yells and screams) in a low, lion-like voice.

Related characters

His wife died several years before the events of Darien’s Rise. He is the father of Prince George, Prince Andrew, Prince William, Princess Michelle, and Princess Mary, who married the Prince of Albany, Fredrick. His personal military aid is General Liddell.

Biblical parallel

King Saul, of the Old Testament.


King Lawrence is voiced by Jim Cummings, has appeared in 9 episodes, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with King Lawrence}}%.


Darien’s Rise (book)