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Prince George
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Supportive of Darien and his call as king, Prince George did everything possible to mend the situation between his mad father and Darien. However, it was not to be. George had many secret meetings with Darien's forces, notably in Kellen when he warned of King Lawrence's imminent arrival.


He has all the looks of his father except George has nicely groomed wavy hair and a thin mustache. Upon seeing Prince George, Anna (a main character of Darien’s Rise) knew instantly that he was the son of King Lawrence; so the two obviously look a lot alike.

Related characters

Son of King Lawrence, best friend to Darien.

Biblical parallel

Jonathan, son of King Saul and best friend to David.


Prince George is voiced by Armin Shimmerman, has appeared in 5 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 88.2%.


Darien’s Rise (book)