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24 Audio.png
August 08, 2007
Free Episode -- Hear "Broken Window," plus an interview with Kathy Buchanan and John Fornof.
25 Audio.png
August 22, 2007
Hear an interview with Jordan Orr (voice of Grady McKay), plus outtakes from the studio!
26 Audio.png
September 06, 2007
Hear a Q & A with Dave Arnold and Marshal Younger.
79 Audio.png
October 08, 2009
Pete Reneday, voice of dozens of Adventures in Odyssey characters, talks about recording Passages, his favorite characters, and his voice in DisneyWorld.
80 Audio.png
October 20, 2009
Hear an interview between Paul Herlinger, the former voice of Whit, and Dave Arnold as they discuss acting, escape from Europe and vocal foley.
82 Video.png
November 17, 2009
Come along as Brock steals the camera and tries to escape Bob and Jesse while showing top secret video and secrets behind the scenes of Album 51.
83 Audio.png
December 02, 2009
The producers answer fans questions about passages, album 51 and more! After listening, feel free to update the 2010 Season.
84 Audio.png
December 16, 2009
Hear from Torry Martin, creator of Wooton Bassett about a new Wooton page in Clubhouse magazine, his grandma's influence on his writing and more.
86 Video.png
January 13, 2010
Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea watch videos from Odyssey fans in the Little Theater, explain the new contest, and take the first look at the cover of Album 51.
87 Video.png
January 26, 2010
Join hosts Broc…er…Bob and Jesse to see the new drawings of the Odyssey characters, the new Passages series, and much more!
88 Audio.png
February 10, 2010
Hear from John Campbell, creator of the Odyssey theme and composer for nearly 500 episodes. Plus, listen to the new Adventures in Odyssey theme song and vote on a new podcast theme song.
89 Audio.png
February 23, 2010
Join host Chris Anthony in Welcome to Whit's End, a new 11 minute tour of Odyssey. Plus, be the first to hear the opening scene of The Inspiration Station," the first episode in album 51.
90 Audio.png
March 09, 2010
Andre Stojka talks about joining the Odyssey family and shares his story. Plus, hear a preview of “The Inspiration Station, Part 2
91 Audio.png
March 23, 2010
Christopher Maselli talks about crafting the Emily and Matthew mystery stories in Clubhouse Magazine. Bob and Jesse hear more fan calls in the “Your Chance to be on Adventures in Odyssey Contest.” Fans answer the question, “How does Connie inspire me?”
92 Video.png
April 8, 2010
Watch the finalists in the "Act Like Odyssey" Video Contest on the Official Podcast. Be sure to vote for your favorite! The winner will receive all 51 Albums of Adventures in Odyssey.
93 Video.png
April 21, 2010
Watch the latest video podcast to see who won the "Act Like Odyssey" contest, and get a hint as to what Album 52 will be called.
94 Audio.png
May 06, 2010
Bob and Jesse interview Zach Callison on his role as Matthew Parker and hear about his work on “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?”.
95 Audio.png
May 19, 2010
Mandisa talks about her experience in the Jubilee Singers at Fisk University and how they influenced her life and career. Mandisa was a contestant on American Idol in 2006 and has since released several albums including Freedom and True Beauty. She continues to support the Jubilee Singers.
96 Audio.png
June 02, 2010
Hear the finalists for the Averys, plus the producers answer your questions about Whit, old characters, changes, and more.
97 Audio.png
June 16, 2010
Hear the dramatic results of the first-ever Avery Awards! Also, the front cover artwork for Album 52: Cause and Effect has been released. Check it out here.
98 Audio.png
June 30, 2010
Dave Arnold and Paul McCusker answer more questions from fans, reveal the title of Album 53, discuss Katrina's future role, and talk about their favorite episodes in "Album 51: Take it From the Top"!
99 Audio.png
July 14, 2010
Hope Levy (voice of Olivia) talks about her singing, acting younger than she is, and her favorite Odyssey episode.
100 Audio.png
July 28, 2010
Bob and Jesse celebrate one hundred episodes over almost four years of podcasting. Brock Eastman shows up with a dissenting opinion, and ends by giving the listener a clip from Album 52!!
101 Audio.png
August 11, 2010
The Official Podcast has released a tribute to Paul Herlinger, the voice of Whit for 12 years. Paul passed away on February 2, 2010. In the Podcast, many remember the great talent and kindness of Paul.

On the blog post, there are several pictures, and links to previous interviews with Paul:

102 Video.png
August 25, 2010
Bob and Jesse show more videos from the Act Like Odyssey contest, including clips from #321: “Hidden In My Heart”, #636: “A Class Reenactment”, #466: “Snow Day”, and more!
103 Audio.png
September 09, 2010
On the 103rd Official Podcast, we recieve another free episode, this time it's #391: “The Joke's on You” and it includes a special segment with Duane Harms afterwords. This, along with yesterday's update, brings the total number of free episodes available for download up to 30. You can see the complete list here.
104 Audio.png
September 22, 2010
On the 104th Official Podcast, Jesse interviews Sydney Shiotani, voice of Camilla Parker, the youngest guest ever on the podcast. Also, hear an exclusive clip of #667: “The Mystery of the Clocktower, Part 1” and a trivia tidbit about Album 52: Cause and Effect.
105 Video.png
October 06, 2010
Jesse steps out of a wardrobe with a story about Focus on the Family Radio Theatre being back on the air, a new series of books on the Imagination Station, and a preview of album 52! Come along!
106 Audio.png
October 20, 2010
Author Marianne Hering talks about the Imagination Station books and shares stories from editing the Official Guide. Hear Bob and Jesse share previews of this weekend’s show “Stage Fright” and a special online feature called a Clickbook.

Also there's talk going around that Brock Eastman will be writing book 5 in the Imagination Station series, currently scheduled for release next year.

107 Audio.png
November 03, 2010
Bob and Jesse celebrate Opposite Day, by doing the opposite of what they would normally do. They don’t preview #672: “Opposite Day” and they can’t chat with writer Kathy Buchanan... or can they?
108 Audio.png
November 17, 2010
Adam Wylie tells about performing in Adventures in Odyssey and Last Chance Detectives. He also answers what it's like working in Kidsboro, basketball, and the challenges of voice acting.
109 Audio.png
December 01, 2010
Kari Wahlgren tells the story of her surprise appearance in “Camp What-a-Nut” and her long journey to return after many years late in this weekend’s show “An Agreeable Nanny.”
110 Audio.png
December 15, 2010
Whit Hertford talks about Jay, the creation of a bully, and singing in “A Thankstaking Story.” Plus, we hear a preview of “Grandma’s Christmas Visit” and submit your nominations for the Avery Awards.
111 Audio.png
December 30, 2010
Jared and Dwayne take their favorite computer game Gloobers to the next level when they get a chance to play the game "for real" in the Room of Consequence.
112 Audio.png
January 13, 2011
In this packed-to-the-gills podcast, first hear from sound designer Todd Busteed, then hear all of the nominations for this season's Avery Awards. Finally, hear a scene from the first episode of "The Green Ring Conspiracy."
113 Audio.png
January 26, 2011
Dave and Paul answer your probing questions, such as “What is the title of album 54?” “Who is the Stilletto?” “What are the appropriate ages for album 53?” “When will Katrina return?” and “Why don’t the episodes in album 53 have titles?” Plus, hear another exciting preview! Be sure to come back February 1 for a special announcement!
114 Audio.png
February 09, 2011
Hear the results of the second Avery Awards, for Album 52: Cause and Effect! Bob and Jesse host the Avery Awards, including awards for Best Sound Design, Best Script, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Episode! Plus, a few special surprise visitors. Thank you to everyone who voted!

Need a reminder of the episodes that aired this season? Check out Album 52: Cause and Effect.

115 Audio.png
February 23, 2011
Bob and Jesse interview astronaut Terry Virts who took Adventures in Odyssey into space with him last year.

Want to give us a story about Adventures in Odyssey or review a recent episode? Call our new Adventures in Odyssey Comment Line at 855-748-WHIT. (Always make sure that you have your parent’s permission before you call!)

UPDATE: We gave the wrong phone number in the podcast. The correct number is 855-784-WHIT. Sorry for the confusion!
116 Video.png
March 09, 2011
We’re ready to release Album 53: The Green Ring Conspiracy! Watch this video and celebrate with Bob and Jesse as they take us behind the scenes of Album 53! See Jesse’s one on one interview with Zach Callison, be introduced to our new characters and actors, and watch just how busy Jesse is when he visits California!
117 Audio.png
March 24, 2011
Cristina Pucelli chats with Bob and Jesse about voicing Emily Jones, how she got started in acting, and more.

Want to give us a story about Adventures in Odyssey or review a recent episode? Call our new Adventures in Odyssey Comment Line at 855-784-WHIT. (Always make sure that you have your parent’s permission before you call!)

118 Audio.png
April 06, 2011
Monty Whittaker is back in Odyssey and he’s voiced by Chad Reisser. Chad has been voicing Monty since 1987 and today he shares the story of how he started on the show, plus the inside scoop of the other parts that he’s played.
119 Audio.png
April 20, 2011
Jonathan tells the amazing story of his bike wreck, hospital stay, halo fitting and eventual recovery. Plus, hear calls from the comment line and a preview of the next episode of the Green Ring.
120 Audio.png
May 04, 2011
Fan favorite Jason Whittaker has returned to Odyssey, so actor Townsend Coleman gave us the background on Jason Whittaker. Plus, hear a preview of the next episode!
121 Audio.png
May 18, 2011
The actors behind Mr. Skint and Buck Oliver share their stories!

David Selby (voice of Mr. Skint) and Robby Bruce (voice of Buck Oliver) talk about acting on Adventures in Odyssey and being a part of The Green Ring Conspiracy. Plus, hear a preview of the final episodes!

122 Video.png
May 31, 2011
In breaking news, “The Green Ring Conspiracy” reached a dramatic conclusion with the release of Part 12 last weekend. Newscasters Bob and Jesse relay fan reaction to this news, reactions from the crew, and behind the scenes footage from the recording session. Also, they reveal that an episode of the TV series

19 Kids and Counting will feature Adventures in Odyssey and Focus on the Family on the June 19 edition.

123 Video.png
June 15, 2011
When the Green Ring Art Conte$t entries go missing, Jesse recruits a team of savvy crime fighters to find them. Along the way, they discover a trail that leads to a familiar conclusion. Plus, see the crazy lengths that the sound designers go to get just the right sounds for Mr. Skint’s truck in album 53.
124 Audio.png
June 29, 2011
Paul McCusker and Dave Arnold answer questions about returning characters, including Buck, Jason, Mr. Grote, and Detective Polehaus, plus a preview of album 54!

Dave and Paul answer your questions, including “Will Buck ever come back?” “Where do the ideas come from?” “How long have you been growing a beard?!” Plus, hear the very first preview of Album 54:Clanging Cymbals and the Meaning of God’s Love!

125 Audio.png
July 13, 2011
Bob and Jesse call the winners of each category in the Green Ring Art ConteSt. Plus, Imagination Station artist David Hohn reveals his tricks of the trade.

Be sure to check back here at AIOWiki tomorrow for a special announcment.

126 Audio.png
July 27, 2011
Brock and Bob are on their way to the Avery Awards ceremony for the "Green Ring Conspiracy" when Jesse arrives with bad news — a plane has crashed into the awards venue.
127 Audio.png
August 10, 2011
Bob and Jesse announce the release of Album 54 for digital download on August 15. They also release the first twelve minutes of the first show, #691: “Wooton Knows Best”, along with the trailer for Album 54: Clanging Cymbals and the Meaning of God's Love!
128 Video.png
August 24, 2011
Watch a full Pop-upisode of “A Name, Not a Number,” one of the episodes in the new compilation album: “The Blackgaard Chronicles.” The Blackgaard Chronicles contains 30 episodes from Adventures in Odyssey’s first big story arc. This collection also includes a half-hour video featuring an interview with Paul McCusker and Phil Lollar about the creation of Dr. Regis Blackgaard.
129 Audio.png
September 07, 2011
In this Odyssey classic, Jimmy Barclay goes on his most incredible adventure ever when meets a gentleman named Mr. Nagle on a World War II bomber. After the show, be sure to listen as Odyssey co-creator Phil Lollar talks about the early days of the show and the story behind Jimmy’s greatest adventure.
130 Video.png
September 21, 2011
Bob and Jesse venture into the Odyssey Vault to unearth a slideshow created in 1989 about Adventures in Odyssey. They also watch a fan-created music video of the Communicate rap from “Lights Out at Whit’s End.”
131 Audio.png
October 05, 2011
Kimmy Robertson talks about joining the cast of Adventures in Odyssey as Penny Wise in Album 53: The Green Ring Conspiracy and her continuing adventures in Album 54: Clanging Cymbals and the Meaning of God’s Love!
132 Audio.png
October 19, 2011
The voice of Lucia Ortega (Lucki Wheating) tells us what it’s like to play a grandma!

Lucki Wheating moved to the United States when she was nine years old. We hear her story and how it eventually led her to play Grandma Lucia Ortega on Adventures in Odyssey. Plus, hear a preview of this weekend’s show “Anger Mismanagement.”

133 Audio.png
November 02, 2011
Gatlin Green (voice of Priscilla) shares about her life on the show and in real life!

Gatlin Green tells the story about growing up on a tour bus with the music group Sierra, her brother Cooper acting on Adventures in Odyssey, and playing Barrett’s friend Priscilla.

134 Audio.png
November 16, 2011
Bob and Jesse chat with Kelly Stables, the voice of Olivia Parker in album 54 and beyond. Plus, they hear a sneak peek of this weekend’s show “Never for Nothing.”
135 Audio.png
November 30, 2011
Bob Hoose has been working on Adventures in Odyssey since 1989. He’s acted, written shows, directed sessions, and served as producer. Here, he tells us the stories of “Emily the Genius” and “Unbecoming Jay”
136 Audio.png
December 14, 2011
Andy Pessoa talks about voicing Barrett on Adventures in Odyssey, doing voices, and more. Plus, hear fan reviews of album 54 and a preview of the season finale.
137 Audio.png
December 28, 2011
In this episode from 1989, Donna gets a crush on her ski instructor while on a vacation with her family. Her dad realizes that his young daughter is quickly growing up. After the show, writer and co-star Jeff Parker talks about this episode and his cameos on Adventures in Odyssey over the years.

In other news, preliminary covers have been released for albums 6, 15, 34, and 36. You can view them at their proper album pages, or see them all here.

138 Audio.png
January 11, 2012
Dave Arnold and Paul McCusker answer your questions looking back at album 54 and looking ahead to album 55. Plus, Bob and Jesse announce the nominations for the Avery Awards.

You can vote on the next version of the Avery Awards here.
As you can see above we've added a count down for the facebook challenge to our home page to keep you up to date, remember to get your friends and family to like it to hear the The Labyrinth, Part 1 early.

139 Audio.png
January 25, 2012
Focus launches Adventures in Odyssey Web Radio, a radio station that plays nothing but Adventures in Odyssey! Plus, hear from Corey van der Laan, who created this website, and Mark Redekop, who now runs it.
140 Video.png
February 08, 2012
Watch a new video podcast about the upcoming live show on June 16, 2012 in Dallas, Texas. Tickets go on sale Monday, February 13! Learn how you can appear on Adventures in Odyssey!
141 Video.png
February 23, 2012
Hear the world premiere of the “Get in the Show” theme song and watch a lyrics video. Plus, get more details on the Adventures in Odyssey Birthday Bash and the Get in the Show contest!
142 Audio.png
March 07, 2012
Bob and Jesse take a break from recording the podcast to relax on vacation…until they get an urgent call from Odyssey coordinator Evan Reedall.
143 Audio.png
March 21, 2012
Georgia Dolenz, first heard in “The Labyrinth,” tells us her story of voice acting and her famous dad. Plus, hear a preview of “To Mend or Repair.”
144 Audio.png
April 05, 2012
Phil Lollar and Milby Barron (the voices of Dale and Ann) talk about their characters’ return to the show. Plus, hear a preview of the upcoming “Sergeant York” and the winner of the College Writers’ Scholarship Contest.
145 Audio.png
April 19, 2012
Jon Curry (voice of Sergeant York) and Renee Dorian (voice of Gracie) share their stories. Katie Leigh and Gatlin Green share acting tips. And hear a preview of “Sergeant York, Part 3.”
146 Audio.png
May 06, 2012
Christopher Diehl and Nathan Jones reveal their secrets in creating the unique sound effects in the “Sergeant York” episodes, plus a preview of “Child’s Play.”
147 Audio.png
May 16, 2012
Steve and Katie tell the whole story of Mitch and Connie, including both of his returns to Adventures in Odyssey. Plus, hear a preview of the season finale and hear acting tips from Andy Pessoa and Jim Custer.

Need some help preparing for your audition for Get in the Show? Check out these and more acting tips from your favorite Odyssey actors!

148 Audio.png
May 31, 2012
Kathy Buchanan tells us all about Mitch’s recent return and whether there’s any hope for another return. Plus, hear about what’s coming up next season.
149 Audio.png
June 15, 2012
Don’t miss this special edition of the podcast, guaranteed to go out with a splash—literally! You submitted more than 600 questions by calling in and posting on our podcast page. In this edition of our “Ask the Producers” podcast, Paul McCusker and Dave Arnold field some tantalizing topics concerning Album 55 The Deep End and the future of Odyssey.

The time has come for the Fifth Semi-Annual Avery Awards! Click the link above to cast a vote for your favorite nominee from familiar categories like Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Sound Design—as well as a few new categories.

Will you cast your “Best Minor Character” vote for Mrs. Kramer, Mycroft Thugg, Red Hollard or one of the other nominees? And when it’s to name your favorite Album 55 villain, will you pick Mr. Grote, Vance King—or even the future Maureen Mitchell? Also included in this election: the chance to voice your vote for the best Odyssey character of all time. Choose wisely!

150 Audio.png
June 27, 2012
Hot on the heels of the historic 25th Anniversary Odyssey Live Show in Dallas, Jesse decides to broadcast a LIVE Avery Awards broadcast for Album 55. But all is not well when they arrive a protest of Adventures in Odyssey. Thank you to everyone who voted!
151 Video.png
July 11, 2012
Join Bob and Jesse as they reminisce about the Birthday Bash in Dallas and present an upbeat Get In The Show feature.
152 Audio.png
July 25, 2012
Writer/director Dave Arnold talks about the sources and inspiration for Sergeant York, plus an announcement about “Get in the Show!”
158 Audio.png
October 18, 2012
Hear an interview from the actors who play Whit in three different stages in his life, his childhood, college years, and the current time, in “Great Expectations,” an episode in album 56: The Grand Design.
159 Audio.png
October 30, 2012
The Clubhouse Magazine issue for November 2012 features an interview with Gatlin Green and Andy Pessoa, plus lots of Adventures in Odyssey birthday stories!
163 Audio.png
December 19, 2012
Join Bob and Jessie as they announce the long awaited return of the Family Portraits Album. We also get to listen to one of the original episodes FP 05: You're Not Going to Believe This.

You can purchase the album here along with a 32 minute discussion about the creation of Family Portraits.

164 Audio.png
January 09, 2013
Dave Arnold and Paul McCusker answer your questions looking back at Album 56 ("The Grand Design") and looking ahead to Album 57: A Call to Something More. Plus, Bob and Jesse announce the nominations for the Avery Awards.
165 Video.png
January 18, 2013
Shona describes the experiences Behind the Scenes at Get in the Show, plus her recording in Burbank, California.
166 Video.png
February 07, 2013
Bob and Jesse present the awards for Album 56: The Grand Design. The awards include: “Best Actress,” “Best Sound,” “Best Actor,” “Best Script,” “Best Scene,” and “Best Overall Episode.
167 Audio.png
February 20, 2013
Evan Reedall tells us what it means to be an Odyssey Coordinator, including working with actors and the Odyssey team. He also explains what God has taught him while working for Adventures in Odyssey.
168 Audio.png
March 04, 2013
Nancy Sanders authored several of the Imagination Station books. She shares stories about “Challenge on the Hill of Fire” and previews the upcoming “Danger on a Silent Night.”
169 Audio.png
March 20, 2013
Official Podcast 169: Rudy Haerr tells the story of how he came to the Odyssey team from a pig farm, tells us about a multi-year library project, and more. Plus, hear about the prizes in the A.C.T.S. contest!
170 Audio.png
April 03, 2013
The names Dave Arnold and Bob Luttrell appear on hundreds of episodes of Adventures in Odyssey. Hear the stories of how they started on the show and the secrets behind the sound effects.
171 Audio.png
April 16, 2013
Dave Arnold and Bob Luttrell share more stories of the creation of the sound of Odyssey, including how working on the show has an effect on their spiritual lives.
172 Video.png
May 01, 2013
In Official Podcast 172 Bob and Jesse reveal A.C.T.S.! This summer, you’re invited to be part of something BIG! Adventures in Odyssey presents A.C.T.S.! – A Call To Serve. Join thousands of kids across the country making a commitment to serve your family, your community and even your world!

There will also be a live webcast on May 22nd at 5:30 PM Eastern, and 2:30 Pacific with Katie Leigh, and Chris Anthony.

For more information about the prizes, how to serve and more click here

173 Audio.png
May 15, 2013
Alan Young became the voice of Jack in 1994. Since then, Jack has married Joanne Allen and become the owner of J and J Antiques. He recently appeared in “Home Again” in Album 56.
174 Video.png
May 24, 2013
In Official Podcast 174 See highlights of the recent Odyssey live webcast, including interviews with Katie Leigh and Chris Anthony, a tip from Get in the Show winner Shona, the revelation of the grand prize destination, and a never-before-seen surprise!
175 Audio.png
June 12, 2013
Wayne Thomas Batson talks pirates and islands, knights and castles, and even mythical beasts. He authored “Hunt for the Devil’s Dragon,” the latest Imagination Station book.
176 Audio.png
June 26, 2013
David Griffin talks about acting on Odyssey, working in the studio, and about dealing with changes in his life.
177 Audio.png
July 09, 2013
David Griffin talks about the difficulty of the Barclay family’s move to Pokenberry Falls and the episodes where he returned: “Living in the Gray” and “The Triangled Web”
178 Video.png
July 27, 2013
In Official Podcast 178 Adventure in Odyssey actors, producers, and interns talk about how they serve their family, their community, and their world. Don’t forget to submit your 2-minute video by August 16!
179 Audio.png
August 07, 2013
In the Official Podcast 179 Bob and Jesse interview young Michaela Dean, the voice of Camilla and then play exclusive clips of Album 57: A Call to Something More. The first episode airs this weekend on the radio and online!
180 Audio.png
August 22, 2013
In this episode from “A Place of Wonder,” Jimmy Barclay decides he’s too old for Whit’s End and the Imagination Station, but comes to a new discovery through an imaginative boy named Lawrence. Plus, hear an interview with writer/director Phil Lollar and voice actor Gabriel Encarnacion.
181 Audio.png
September 04, 2013
In Official Podcast 181 Chosen from hundreds of entries, watch the 24 finalists for A.C.T.S. and then vote on your favorites. One boy and one girl that you choose with go on a Mission Adventure Trip to Costa Rica.
182 Audio.png
September 19, 2013
Katie Wynn grew up listening to Odyssey and entered a script in a writing contest. That script turned into this weekend’s episode: “Big Trouble Under the Big Top.” Hear an interview with Katie (and co-writer Bob Hoose) and a preview of her show.
184 Audio.png
October 17, 2013
Jeff Lewis recently re-appeared on Adventures in Odyssey after a 23 year absence. Gary Reed continues to voice Jeff and he shares his background and thoughts on the show. Plus, hear the first scene of “The Pilot.”
185 Audio.png
October 30, 2013
In Official Podcast 185 Executive Producer Dave Arnold and Creative Director Paul McCusker talk about Album 57, June Kendall‘s passing, the Odyssey Adventure Club, and upcoming albums. Plus: Avery Award nominations!
187 Audio.png
November 27, 2013
In the 187th Official Podcast, Bob and Jesse take a podcasting class and learn the bizarre methods of predicting the winners of the Avery Awards.
192 Audio.png
February 06, 2014
The Adventures in Odyssey team, from actors to directors to sound designers remember our favorite curmudgeon Dave Madden. Guests include: Jonathan Crowe, Paul McCusker, Dave Arnold, Phil Lollar, Chris McDonald, Nathan Hoobler, Chris Anthony, Marshal Younger, Andre Stojka, John Fornof, and Bob Luttrell.

Hear Dave Madden’s 12 Axioms for Success in Show Business (If That’s Really What You Want) as read by Phil Lollar:

206 Audio.png
August 20, 2014
Executive producer Dave Arnold and writer/director Paul McCusker answer questions about album 58: The Ties That Bind, and give a few hints about upcoming episodes (including a new B-TV), and share a goof that fans noticed.
265 Audio.png
November 22, 2016
Writer Bob Hoose and sound designer Nathan Jones go deep into the story of the creation of The Key Suspect and reveal more about the new characters Morrie and Suzu. Plus, hear a preview of the upcoming Odyssey milestone: A Very Bassett Wedding.
266 Audio.png
December 07, 2016
Writer/director Kathy Buchanan and sound designer Jonathan Crowe share stories from the creation of the Odyssey milestone "A Very Bassett Wedding."
267 Audio.png
December 21, 2016
Merry Christmas! It’s time for a free episode! In this classic story from Album 39: Friends, Family, and Countrymen, Wooton Bassett wants to help Edwin Blackgaard with an upcoming production. Liz Horton tries to find something–anything–she can do better than others. Plus, hear an interview with sound designer Allen Hurley.
268 Video.png
January 06, 2017
Working beside famed inventor and ice cream emporium owner, John Avery Whittaker, scientists Bob and Jesse work tirelessly to push the boundaries of audio drama for the sake of pure science. After countless years of relentless research, they are ready to announce their latest breakthrough. (Hint: It involves the Club!)
269 Audio.png
January 19, 2017
The John Avery Whittaker Award honors people who have impact on the faith of those around them. Carri Dekkers nominated the “Whit” in her life: Coach Larry Stuckey. Out of more than 600 nominees, Larry was chosen as the grand prize winner. Hear from Carri about how Larry was her coach in the high jump and much more.
270 Audio.png
February 01, 2017
Executive producer Dave Arnold, producer Nathan Hoobler, writer/director Kathy Buchanan, and writer/director Bob Hoose answer fan questions about the recent album 61, the upcoming albums 62 & 63, and all things Odyssey.
271 Audio.png
February 15, 2017
Cristina Vee voices Irena Sendler, the main character in “One More Name.” Cristina tells us about working on Odyssey, screaming for video games, and being a skipper on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland.
272 Audio.png
March 01, 2017
Irena Sendler was a real historical person. Writer Kathy Buchanan had the task of turning her life into an epic three-part Adventures in Odyssey Club story. Find out the challenges of research, writing, and cutting “One More Name.”
273 Audio.png
March 15, 2017
From using a 1940s gun... to finding an old German truck... to adding just the right wind and floors to the ghetto houses, sound designers Christopher Diehl and Nathan Jones sweat the details to create the sounds for the historical episode “One More Name.”
274 Audio.png
March 29, 2017
From adding a dog to an empty ghetto... to putting in an ominous train whistle…to creating a manhole cover from a gym weight, sound designers Christopher Diehl and Nate Jones share more stories from the creation of the sound effects for the story of Irena Sendler: "One More Name."
275 Video.png
April 12, 2017
Star date 80995.2017. Adventures in Odyssey is about to celebrate its 30th birthday with a spectacular live show on a four-night cruise to the Bahamas. However, we need one more person. Sensors indicate that person just might be on a strange, mysterious, enigmatic alien planet.
276 Audio.png
April 26, 2017
Gregory Jbara is a Tony Award-winning actor who now plays Pastor Wilson Knox on Adventures in Odyssey. Greg tells us about replacing voices in a Norelco commercial, starting college with a major in physics, and recording with the Odyssey team.
277 Audio.png
May 10, 2017
Kendre Berry played Marvin Washington for years on Adventures in Odyssey. His last appearance was in “A Class Reenactment” in 2008. That is... until now! Marvin returns in this month’s Club story, “Unfair Game.” Kendre Berry, the voice behind Marvin, lets us know what’s happened since then.
278 Video.png
May 24, 2017
Cast members Shona Kennedy (Jules), Karen Kennedy (Lena), Katriona Kennedy (Teena), Pat Fraley (Karno), Robby Bruce (Buck), Andre Stojka (Whit), Will Ryan (Eugene), and crew Phil Lollar (writer/director) and Christopher Diehl (engineer) record the songs for the musical episode “Legacy.”
279 Audio.png
June 06, 2017
Executive producer Dave Arnold, producer Nathan Hoobler, writer/director Kathy Buchanan, writer/director Bob Hoose, and writer/director Phil Lollar answer fan questions about the recent Album 62, the upcoming Album 63, and what’s going on in Odyssey.
280 Audio.png
June 21, 2017
Sam Suksiri tells us about being a “writer apprentice,” designing theme parks, teaching robotics to kids, winning a cooking contest, and, yes, joining the Odyssey team.
282 Audio.png
July 19, 2017
How do you create the sound of rain for two episodes? What does three people scuba diving sound like? And how did a real-life forest fire in Colorado Springs inspire an episode about a flood in Odyssey? Find out from the team behind the episode “Swept Away.” Plus, hear a bonus scene from the show, featuring Harlow Doyle.
283 Audio.png
August 02, 2017
Bob and Jesse put on a New Time-y Radio play to hand out awards for two Adventures in Odyssey albums! Hear the winners for “Best Actress,” “Best Actor,” “Best Sound,” “Best Song,” “Best Scene,” “Best Comical Pair of Characters,” and “Best Overall Episode.” Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who voted!
284 Video.png
August 18, 2017
Andre Stojka (voice of Whit), Katie Leigh (voice of Connie), and Shona Kennedy (voice of Jules and 2012's winner) act alongside the three finalists for Get in the Show and crown a winner.
285 Video.png
August 28, 2017
Look back on 30 years of Adventures in Odyssey with former executive producer Chuck Bolte, co-creator Phil Lollar, executive producer Dave Arnold, writer/director Paul McCusker, and voice actor Katie Leigh. Plus, see what the finalists experienced in the hours leading up to the Get in the Show finale event and see a preview of an upcoming Club show overseas.
286 Audio.png
September 14, 2017
Editor Liz Duckworth and Focus on the Family Vice President of Content and Product Development and Integration Bob DeMoss talk about the history and features of the new Adventures in Odyssey NIrV Bible. Plus, hear about their favorite Bibles when they were kids.
287 Audio.png
September 27, 2017
Earl Boen, voice of Regis Blackgaard, and Phil Lollar, author of The Blackgaard Chronicles books, talk about the creation of Whit’s arch-nemesis.
288 Audio.png
October 10, 2017
Writer-director Kathy Buchanan and sound designers Nathan Jones and Christopher Diehl talk about the creation of “Find a Penny, Part 1” and give a preview of what’s ahead in “Part 2.”
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November 08, 2017
Writer Marshal Younger’s wife Stephanie works in a transplant clinic. She met a child who wondered if he would get the personality of the person who donated a liver to him. Hear how that story turned into the touching episode “Have a Heart.”
291 Audio.png
November 22, 2017
"Whit's Flop" first aired November 21, 1987. Sound designer Bob Luttrell and host Chris Anthony were there on that special day. Hear their memories of recording the very first episode.
292 Audio.png
December 06, 2017
Writer Sam Suksiri, writer/director Phil Lollar, and producer Nathan Hoobler answer fan questions about the recent album 63, the upcoming album 64, and what’s going on in Odyssey.
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December 19, 2017
Merry Christmas! As the year draws to a close, we listen to the very first radio drama ever produced by Focus on the Family. “Spare Tire” released on the daily Focus on the Family broadcast on December 17, 1983 and it paved the way for “Family Portraits” and – ultimately – Adventures in Odyssey. Hear this drama, plus an interview with Odyssey co-creator Steve Harris.
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February 14, 2018
Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Waston has been listening to Adventures in Odyssey since the very first episode in 1987 and he recently had the chance to come to Focus and record cameo parts for several Odyssey episodes. Benjamin won this year’s Bart Starr Award and was a finalist for the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.
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March 04, 2018
Lilly Mae Stewart recently took over as the voice of Camilla Parker. She shares about her crazy schedule, from doing stage acting, singing, dancing, voiceover, Wendy’s commercials, electric guitar, and more.
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March 15, 2018
Come aboard the Focus on the Family 40th anniversary cruise and see the Adventures in Odyssey cast and crew sign autographs, answer questions, and perform the 30th Birthday Show live on stage. Plus, see birthday greetings from our wonderful fans!
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March 27, 2018
Grayson Smith emerged as one of three finalists from among 2,316 fans who entered the second Get in the Show contest. After an audition with our Adventures in Odyssey cast, Grayson was crowned the winner by fan voting. Last November, he claimed his prize by joining us on the Focus on the Family 40th Anniversary Cruise and performing in the Odyssey live show, signing autographs, and interacting with the actors. Hear about all those experiences and more!
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April 10, 2018
Natalie Lander’s dad played Squiggy on Laverne and Shirley. Her mom is an actor and photographer. Most of her other relatives are in the arts and entertainment world. Natalie talks about the business, singing as Kevin in Home Alone musical, playing a cheerleader on The Middle, and – of course – playing Zoe Grant on Adventures in Odyssey.
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May 23, 2018
Rudy Haerr, Sam Suksiri, and Diane Ingolia talk about a new script in the Kids' Radio Studio at the Focus on the Family welcome center.
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February 27, 2019
Writer-director Kathy Buchanan and sound designer Christopher Diehl journey to Africa (in one case, literally) for the latest Club exclusive adventure In a Sun-Scorched Land. Plus, hear a preview of Between Camp and a Hard Place, Part 1.