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Bob Hoose
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Episode Characters Played 48
Episode Appearances 64
Episodes Written 41
Episodes Directed 50
Episodes Produced 293
Books Written 3
Podcast Appearances 11
Documentary Appearances 1

Avery Award Winner!
Bob Hoose has won one Avery Awards for Best Script!
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Bob Hoose is a renaissance man of sorts. Ironically, however, he has yet to attend a Renaissance Fair (though, on occasion, he has been spotted eating giant smoked turkey legs). Thirty years ago, Bob started out as an actor in a traveling troupe of Christian actors called Jeremiah People. Since then he has performed internationally as one half of the acclaimed duo Custer and Hoose. In addition, he has published a wide variety of theatre and musical materials through publishing houses such as Lillenas, Word and Genevox. He’s had the pleasure of writing and producing for Adventures in Odyssey since 2002 and is currently writing for Focus on the Family’s Plugged In. Bob and his wife Stephanie have three children: Kirsten, Trent and Brennyn. Bob Hoose has been working around Christian theatre for over 25 years. He has directed, produced, and performed in a number of resident and trouping theater groups.



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Episodes Written (41) · Episodes Directed (50) · Episodes Produced (293) · Acting (64) · Characters (48) · Books (3) · Podcasts (11) · Documentaries (1)

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Bob Hoose has written 41 episodes with an average rating of 86.2%
Bob Hoose has directed 50 episodes with an average rating of 88.7%
Bob Hoose has produced 293 episodes with an average rating of 90.7%
Bob Hoose has acted in 64 episodes with an average rating of 90.2%
Bob Hoose has appeared in 1 documentary