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Alan Young
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Alan Young was born on November 19, 1919 in North Shields, England and passed away on May 19th, 2016 at the age of 96, having acted in many films and also written books. He starred in his own comedy show, The Alan Young Show, for radio and later television but is best-known for his portrayals of the major characters Wilber Post on the classic Mister Ed 1960s TV show and Scrooge McDuck in the beloved DuckTales cartoon and its many related incarnations.

In the 500th episode of AIO, Young reflected on his debut: "Coming into Odyssey was like taking a refreshing warm bath: it wasn't hot—it was just lovely." In the same episode, he added: "Parents can listen to this with their children and not feel embarrassed, but feel inspired."


Alan Young was born in Northern England in 1919, but his Scots father moved the family to Edinburgh, Scotland, when Young was a toddler and then to Canada when Young was about 6 years old. As a boy, he suffered from severe asthma, which kept him bedridden for long periods of time but encouraged his love of radio. By age 13, Young had become a radio performer, and by age 17, he was writing and performing in his own radio show for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The show was broadcast in the U.S. and led to an invitation to New York, initiating Young's career as an "All-American boy," despite his non-American origins and a vestigial Scots accent.


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