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Dave Arnold
Episode Characters Played 64
Episode Appearances 78
Episodes Hosted 9
Episodes Written 30
Episodes Directed 46
Episodes Produced 213
Episodes Executive Produced 342
Episodes Post-Produced 157
Episodes Engineered 153
Books Written 4
Videos Executive Produced 64
Videos Engineered 1
Podcast Appearances 55
Documentary Appearances 9

Avery Award Winner!
Dave Arnold has won one Avery Awards for Best Script!
Odyssey awards.png


Dave Arnold is the executive producer for both the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre and Adventures in Odyssey series. He has worked professionally for over 20 years as a writer (Amazing Grace), director (Anne of Green Gables), sound designer (The Chronicles of Narnia), and producer, on hundreds of audio dramas heard around the world. Dave and his wife, Janna, have two children and reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As one of the original members of the AIO staff, Dave has been involved in every facet of the radio drama process, including sound design, writing, directing, voice-over and production. He was sound designer on Radio Theatre's dramatization of C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, as well as the Peabody award-winning saga, Dietrich Bonhoeffer: The Cost of Freedom and wrote the adaptation of Corrie ten Boom's epic story, The Hiding Place. Dave and his wife Janna have two children, Amber and Landon.



Episodes Written (30) · Episodes Directed (46) · Episodes Produced (213) · Episodes Executive Produced (342) · Sound Design (157) · Episodes Engineered (153) · Acting (78) · Characters (64) · Books (4) · Podcasts (55) · Documentaries (9)

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Dave Arnold has directed 46 episodes with an average rating of 87.2%
Dave Arnold has produced 213 episodes with an average rating of 91%
Dave Arnold has executive produced 342 episodes with an average rating of 88.1%
Dave Arnold has sound designed 157 episodes with an average rating of 0%
Dave Arnold has engineered 153 episodes with an average rating of 90.6%
Dave Arnold has acted in 78 episodes with an average rating of 89.4%