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Kathy Buchanan
Episode Characters Played 1
Episode Appearances 1
Episodes Written 81
Episodes Directed 28
Books Written 6
Podcast Appearances 9

Avery Award Winner!
Kathy Buchanan has won one Avery Awards for Best Script!
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Kathy W. Buchanan graduated from Taylor University and went on to receive her Masters in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. She's written ten books for children and teens, maintains a counseling practice, and has loved writing for Odyssey for over ten years. She lives in Colorado Springs with her husband and three young daughters, where they enjoy rock climbing, hiking and camping.

Kathy has authored three novels in *The Brio Series* for teenage girls: Double Exposure and Croutons For Breakfast. And one devotional for girls titled Want more? Kathy has received her Bachelor's Degree from Taylor University and a Master's in Biblical Counseling from Colorado Christian University. She is an aunt of two neices and one nephew. Kathy is married to Sean Buchanan, and they have three daughters named Jaslyn, Maleah, and Isabella (Bella) and two adopted sons Michel and Divin. She is staffed by Focus on the Family as a writer and director for Adventures in Odyssey.


In addition to writing for Adventures in Odyssey, Kathy Buchanan also writes for Lamplighter Theater.

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Episodes Written (81) · Episodes Directed (28) · Acting (1) · Characters (1) · Books (6) · Podcasts (9)

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