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Brock Eastman
Books Written 6
Podcast Appearances 24
Documentary Appearances 7



Brock Eastman was the Product Marketing Manager at Focus on the Family. He worked with Tyndale Publishers, CSK, and the Adventures in Odyssey Team to create new and exciting products in the AIO line. He sometimes made guest appearances on The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast and was known to give Odyssey fans "top-secret" information about upcoming AIO episodes, products, and events.

In August 2011, Brock signed a 5 book contract for his young-adult series The Quest for Truth. The first book, Taken (sample chapters), was released in July of the same year. The second book, Risk (sample chapters), released in 2012. Unleash has released as well as the 4th book, Tangle. Before that, he signed a contract with Focus on the Family to write the fifth book of the Adventures in Odyssey spin-off book series, The Imagination Station.

Brock was the OAC Producer in 2014, before leaving for a new job with Compassion International.

Brock often talks about Adventures in Odyssey and the Adventures in Odyssey Club on his Blog and his facebook.


Books (6) · Podcasts (24) · Documentaries (7)

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