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Lawrence Hodges
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Lawrence is known to have a wild imagination that usually, if not always, gets him into trouble. He mostly hangs out with Jimmy Barclay ever since his debut episode #204: “Wonderworld”, even though he seems to be quite a bit younger, being that Jimmy has babysat him several times. And some times he gets a little upset when Jimmy doesn't let him stay up until eleven.


Main article: Hodges family

Lawrence's dad is a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. Although Lawrence rarely sees his dad, he did get to spend some time with him in #258: “Aloha, Oy!, Part 3”. Maureen Hodges is Lawrence's mom and a teacher at a school in Odyssey.


Lawrence is currently living in Florida near Cape Canaveral. As stated by Lawrence, he operates heavy machinery. He used to be in the space program, but was kicked out because he wrecked a three million dollar flight simulator. Now he works at a laundromat.



Lawrence Hodges: I changed the letters in your Dad’s name on the sign out front of the church. Now it says, "Preaching this Sunday: Large Rag Boy."

#289: “A Call for Reverend Jimmy”

Lawrence Hodges: They blow up!
John Whittaker: Blow up?!
Jimmy Barclay: Inflate.

#219: “Treasures of the Heart”

Lawrence Hodges: No, Jimmy. I'm sorry, but I completely disagree with you. The regular fries are just not as tasty as the crinkle cut.
Jimmy Barclay: You're crazy! They're the exact same thing, just- just in different shapes!
Lawrence Hodges: You just look at the package of crinkle cut fries. Check out the ingredients. You know what's in the list that's not in the list of regular fries?
Jimmy Barclay: What?
Lawrence Hodges: Sodium acid pyrophosphate! And that makes all the difference!

#240: “And the Glory”

Lawrence Hodges: A bite of this apple can't do any harm. Just a bite... <crunch> AAAGGHH!

#308: “Subject Yourself”

Unknown: Step lively there!
Lawrence Hodges: Step lively he says. I'd like to see you stepping lively with forty pounds of chain around your neck.
Unknown: Up the stairs, boy. And no talking.
Lawrence Hodges: Right. No talkin'. How 'bout fainting?

#209: “Columbus: The Grand Voyage”

Salmon: These are the ones who helped us! They have our protection.
Lawrence Hodges: What he said! What he said!

#292: “Siege at Jericho”

Lawrence Hodges: I...wrecked the flight simulator.
Connie Kendall: How did you do that?? A flight simulator doesn't move, right?
Lawrence Hodges: No, not normally.
Connie Kendall: Isn't that kinda like crashing an exercise bike?
Lawrence Hodges: Yes, except, this exercise bike cost three million dollars.

#638: “The Triangled Web, Part 1”

Jimmy Barclay: Great! Now what do you want me to do, Lawrence?
Lawrence Hodges: I think you should wear a bow tie.
Jimmy Barclay: I'll look like my dad. He's a pastor.

#289: “A Call for Reverend Jimmy”

Lawrence Hodges: Land ho! Land ho! Oh, wait, it's just some clouds. Never mind! Never mind!

#209: “Columbus: The Grand Voyage”

Destructo Agent: Open up, Hodges! We know you're in there!
Lawrence Hodges: Oh, no! Destructo!
Destructo Agent: Open up! Or we'll huff, and we'll puff, and we'll... knock your door in!

#264: “Making the Grade”

Maureen Hodges: Your behavior has been terrible! You've been surly, ornery and rude!
Lawrence Hodges: Four more and you'll have the seven dwarves.

#230: “Our Father”

Jimmy Barclay: Kids' Radio will be right back after this moment of silence for the American troops in...
Lawrence Hodges: Canada!
Jimmy Barclay: Canada!

#240: “And the Glory”

Jimmy Barclay: I can't believe you volunteered us to go to The Electric Palace just as Rick Rancid was about to start, Lawrence.
Lawrence Hodges: Sorry, Jimmy; I didn't know what I was thinking.
Jimmy Barclay: I may have to kick you out of the fan club for this!
Lawrence Hodges: You'd look pretty silly attending the meetings all by yourself.
Jimmy Barclay: That's true.

#256: “Aloha, Oy!, Part 1”

Lawrence Hodges: Do I still have to pay for the broken flower pots?
George Barclay: <along with Maureen Hodges> Definitely.
Lawrence Hodges: Just asking.

#230: “Our Father”

George Barclay: There are five tickets, and only four of us.
Lawrence Hodges: Uh, guys?
Mary Barclay: It would have to be somebody close to us...
Lawrence Hodges: Have I ever you guys how much you mean to me?
Donna Barclay: And someone who would appreciate the educational value of the trip...
Lawrence Hodges: My next school report is on Hawaii's flora and fauna. If only I had some samples...

#256: “Aloha, Oy!, Part 1”

Lawrence Hodges: AAAAAH! I WANT MY MOM!!
Jimmy Barclay: I WANT YOUR MOM TOO!!

#248: “Terror from the Skies”

Lawrence Hodges: The police can't stop them! There's only one way they can be stopped.
Harlow Doyle: Asking politely.
Lawrence Hodges: No.
Harlow Doyle: Begging and pleading.
Lawrence Hodges: No! By infiltrating and destroying their headquarters!
Harlow Doyle: Well, yeah, there's always that, but you know...

#255: “The Boy Who Cried 'Destructo!'”

Lawrence Hodges: But I don't like science, Mom! In fact I hate science! I'd rather have splinters pushed under my toenails, and South African killer bees cover my whole body than do any more science homework!
Maureen Hodges: That can be arranged.

#264: “Making the Grade”

Lawrence Hodges: I wrecked a flight simulator...
Connie Kendall: How did you do that? A flight simulator doesn't move right?
Lawrence Hodges: No, not normally.
Connie Kendall: Isn't that kinda like crashing a exercise bike?

#638: “The Triangled Web, Part 1”

George Barclay: Who could it be? Who? Who?
Lawrence Hodges: Oh, come on guys!
Jimmy Barclay: I know! Lawrence!
Lawrence Hodges: Yes!
Jimmy Barclay: Can you think of anybody?
Lawrence Hodges: What?!

#256: “Aloha, Oy!, Part 1”

Donna Barclay: I wish there was some way to cheer him up.
Don Iowa: The only way for that to happen is for his father to walk through the door.
Lieutenant Joe Hodges: Oh, good, you're still here. You folks didn't happen to see my hat when we came ashore, did you? I sat it down next to the other lady, and, uh...
Lawrence Hodges: Dad? Dad! Dad!
Lieutenant Joe Hodges: Lawrence! I can't believe it's you!
Jimmy Barclay: How'd you do that?
Don Iowa: Old Hawaiian custom. Happy endings.

#258: “Aloha, Oy!, Part 3”

Jack Allen: You're fortunate you only swallowed a little of that paint—though what in the world made you paint your braces is beyond me!
Lawrence Hodges: Well, you said to use my imagination to make my braces fun!
Jack Allen: Well, but Lawrence, I didn't mean disconnecting your brain! How could you be so old and not know better?

#308: “Subject Yourself”


Lawrence Hodges is voiced by Gabriel Encarnacion, has appeared in 19 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 89.9%.

Lawrence Hodges has been mentioned in 1 episode.