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Oscar Peterson
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Oscar Peterson is a character on Adventures in Odyssey. His appearances were usually shown on AIO episodes where the theme was mainly to teach children on peer pressure, not to jump to conclusions, or other life lessons of that nature. He is good friends with Lucy Cunningham-Schultz, Robyn Jacobs, and later, Jack Davis. He does share some bad chemistry with Curt Stevens after the incident with him in #103: “Front Page News”. In Oscar's second episode of his appearance, #64: “The Greatest of These”, Mr. Whittaker helps Oscar discover that he has dyslexia, a lifelong disease that interferes with the victim's capability of sight, which is why he has trouble in school. Once this problem is discovered, he seems to become a better student.


Even though Oscar only appeared in thirteen episodes, he still acquired a personality.

Oscar is mainly known for his dyslexic problem. This difficulty grew along with him, though, and it seems to have inflicted his characteristics. He is shy, as to his wanting of no one new to remind him of his handicap. But, otherwise, Oscar can be very social to people he already knows. He is somewhat dimwitted, and slow to think, as relating to when people tell him something (mainly Robyn Jacobs or Jack Davis), and his usual response would be something almost totally different. The usual comeback would be either Jack or Robin's "Quiet, Oscar!", or "Never mind, Oscar!" See an example of this in the quotes below.

Oscar does have a problem with his following the crowd. One such prime example is the latter episode "Front Page News." Oscar was roped along in Curt's scheme to get out of Phys Ed class. As a result of their failure, they were forced to run even more at P.E. This trait of his is uncommon, however (fortunately).

All in all, Oscar is a very sympathetic and polite towards people. His quiet nature and leniency is quite acknowledged toward almost everyone he knows, even if some of them view him as an annoyance because of his denseness.


Main article: Peterson family

Oscar's father and mother, are mentioned in #64: “The Greatest of These”. He is also known to have two brothers, one older (Tony) and one five years younger (Henry). He is known to have relatives living in Canada as well, as mentioned in #79: “Our Best Vacation Ever”.



Robyn Jacobs: They looked like real bad guys. And... and they talked funny.
Oscar Peterson: My big brother talked funny after he went to the orthodontist. Did these guys wear retainers?
John Whittaker: Never mind, Oscar!

#90: “But, You Promised”

Curt Stevens: Where would any of the great writers be if someone didn't let them work on their school newspapers? Charles Dickenson would have never written classics like 'David Coppertoe' or 'Oliver Twister'! William Shakespeare couldn't have penned those immortal words, "To be, or not to be" or "Romeo, Romeo, let down your hair."
Oscar Peterson: That was Rapunzel!

#103: “Front Page News”

Jack Davis: Elementary, Mr. Watson. <buzzer sounds> AAhh! What was that, a security alarm?
Mr. Watson: Nope, was my bad joke buzzer. They're on special for $9.95.
Oscar Peterson: Boy, hardware stores carry everything these days.

#82: “Heatwave”

Oscar Peterson: Or the time you told him you had a rare tropical disease?
Curt Stevens: I should have used a different colored magic marker.

#103: “Front Page News”

Oscar Peterson: Oh! Look at my walkie talkie! How am I gonna explain this to my dad? "Well, dad, it's like this: I fell into a moat."

#82: “Heatwave”

Oscar Peterson: Is that a new dress?
Robyn Jacobs: Yeah!
Oscar Peterson: It's pretty! I had an aunt who was buried in a dress like that.
Robyn Jacobs: Thanks, Oscar.

#81: “Good Business”

Robyn Jacobs: All right, guys. You win. If you help me finish the lawns I said we'd do, I've give you what you want.
Jack Davis: You'll give us seven dollars and seventy-five cents?
Robyn Jacobs: No. I'll give you all of it: the whole ten dollars.
Jack Davis: What?!!
Oscar Peterson: But you can't! We only asked for—
Jack Davis: Quiet, Oscar! Be quiet!

#81: “Good Business”

Oscar Peterson: 10-4!
Jack Davis: Nah, it's twenty after! <buzzer sounds>

#82: “Heatwave”

Curt Stevens: They make us run around and around on this track, and for what? We're not learning anything!
Oscar Peterson: My dad says it's preparing us for life in the real world.
Curt Stevens: Running around in circles?
Oscar Peterson: Yeah. That's what he says he does every day at work.

#103: “Front Page News”

Oscar Peterson: But what are we gonna do? We don't know who he is, where he's from, what he's doing, or how to find him.
Jack Davis: Ha! Minor details.

#82: “Heatwave”

Fred Zachary: Hey Oscar!
Oscar Peterson: Yes?
Fred Zachary: What are you doing?
Oscar Peterson: Trying to... fit the arrow in my bow...
Fred Zachary: Well it helps if you keep your eyes open!

#74: “Connie Goes to Camp, Part 1”

Jack Davis: <voiceover> This case could be bigger than I thought. It was time to come up with a cunning plan.
Oscar Peterson: <over the walkie talkie> What did you say?
Jack Davis: Nothing. I was just narrating.

#82: “Heatwave”

Fred Zachary: Listen, I think maybe it's time for the big leagues.
Jack Davis: You mean—
Fred Zachary: That's right. Let's get this canoe out of the swimming pool, and see how ya do in the lake!
Jack Davis: Yeah!
Oscar Peterson: All right!
Jimmy Barclay: Cool!
Oscar Peterson: Can I still keep my life preserver on?
Fred Zachary: Absolutely!

#74: “Connie Goes to Camp, Part 1”


Oscar Peterson is voiced by Joseph Cammaroto, has appeared in 13 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 89.5%.

Oscar Peterson has been mentioned in 3 episodes.