Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 1

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#646: “Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 1”
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February 2, 2009
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Passages: Darien’s Rise
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1 Samuel 18-31

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Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 1

“Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 1” is episode #646 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on September 19, 2009.


Jack Allen gives Whit an old manuscript that tells of a mysterious house in the middle of the woods … and a pair of siblings lost in the strange world of Marus!


Jack Allen comes to Whit's End and shows Whit a manuscript he found in a trunk at an estate sale. Whit reads the manuscript.

Anna, age 10, and Kyle, age 12, are visiting their grandparents in Odyssey. Their uncle tells them about a haunted mansion in the Black Forest which they set out to find.

They are about to give up when they spot the house. They go inside. Kyle hears voices. He looks through the keyhole in a door and sees people. Anna thinks he’s teasing, since when she looks she sees nothing. He falls through the floorboards. She’s afraid she’ll fall too and goes into a room backwards where she is engulfed in a bright light.

Kyle watches a sword fight in which a younger man succeeds in disarming an older one then takes his medals. The young man speaks to Kyle and the older man takes this opportunity to charge at him. Kyle warns the younger man. The younger man stabs the older man in defense. Kyle and the young man escape on a horse into the black woods.

Meanwhile, Anna finds herself in a dark closet. She opens the door a crack and hears King Lawrence fighting angrily with his son, Prince George, who believes Darien is a great man whom the king has wronged more than once. General Liddell reports to the king that General Darien has returned. When Anna leaves the closet, General Liddell catches her and accuses her of being a spy. He takes her to a man who sells children into slavery.

Discussion Questions

  • Jack and Whit have been friends for a very long time. What do you like best about long-term friendships?
  • How is a longstanding friendship different from a new friendship?
  • Kyle and Anna were staying with their grandparents in Odyssey. Do you like spending time with your grandparents?
  • Read Leviticus 19:32 How do you show respect for older people?
  • Anna saw King Lawrence and Prince George arguing about Darien’s popularity. Are you popular now?
  • Would you like to be?
  • Why do so many people covet popularity?
  • Whose favor should we desire?
  • Read Proverbs 8:35 and Psalm 90:17 How can you gain God’s favor?
  • What does “establish the work of our hands” mean?


Role Voice Actor
Anna Rachel Fox
Darien Roger Rose
General Liddell Fred Tatasciore
Jack Allen Alan Young
John Whittaker Andre Stojka
King Lawrence Jim Cummings
Kyle Shane Baumel
Palatian General Dave Fennoy
Prince George Armin Shimmerman
Titus Unknown
Radio Announcer Phil Proctor





Anna: ...look, it's a house!