Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 2

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#647: “Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 2”
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February 2, 2009
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Passages: Darien’s Rise
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1 Samuel 18-31

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Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 2

“Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 2” is episode #647 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on September 26, 2009.


Kyle and Anna’s adventure gets stranger. The Old Judge rescues Anna, and Kyle is befriended by General Darien.


After their daring escape, Kyle and Darien come to a group of men who call the Darien a general and ask if he has “them.” He tells them he does. They ride again, this time towards the train. Kyle looks up and sees two moons and realizes he’s not in Odyssey.

On the train, Darien tells everyone how Kyle saved his life. Colonel Oliver, Darien’s second in command interrogates Kyle. Kyle tells Darien his story. Darien doesn’t know what to think of it but tells him when they get a chance they will ask the Old Judge about it. Oliver tells Kyle they are going to the capital, Sarum, for General Darien to deliver the medals to King Lawrence, so he can marry the king’s daughter. The porter on the train tells Kyle how General Darien rose to be a general when he used to be a farm boy. Kyle learns about the Unseen One.

Meanwhile, things are not going well for Anna. Titus takes her to a market to be sold as a slave. There, an old man rescues her. They hear a train whistle and the Old Judge explains the real king is on his way to the capitol.

On the train, Kyle is amazed at the huge display of affection for Darien and what a grand city Sarum is, with such vibrant colors. They go to the castle and into the Great Hall where the king welcomes Darien and his men.

Darien takes the stage and presents 200 medals from Palatian officers instead of the 100 he was dared to get. The crowd goes wild chanting Darien’s name, which upsets the king and his officials. The king presents his daughter, Princess Michelle to Darien. The crowd is excited.

While this is going on, the Old Judge takes Anna in a horse drawn wagon to the city of Hailsham. There, Anna spends time with the Old Judge where strange things happen.

After the celebration at the palace, Darien’s men go home to their families. When Kyle and Darien go to his home, Prince George visits them. He warns Darien that the king feels threatened by his popularity. Darien agrees to help General Liddell fight a renegade group from Adria.

Discussion Questions

  1. The waiter attributed victory to “the Unseen One!” Who do you give the glory to when you have done amazing things?
  2. Why should you recognize God in all your ways?
  3. Read Matthew 10:32-33. Why would you want God to acknowledge you?
  4. The men on the train believed in the power of the Unseen One. Do you believe that God is all-powerful?
  5. Read 1 Chronicles 29:11 and Ephesians 1:19. Knowing that God created the world by speaking His word, how able do you think He is today to carry out his plans?
  6. What about God’s creation makes you feel awed and amazed?
  7. The Old Judge told Anna that she had been chosen for something. What do you think you have been chosen for?
  8. Read John 15:16. What kind of fruit are you producing?
  9. What does good fruit look like in your life?
  10. Prince George stated the king had not been himself since his last argument with the Old Judge. When you have been afraid, are you able to talk with God?
  11. Does fear put a barrier between you and God?
  12. Who should you fear? Read Psalm 19:9 and Deuteronomy.
  13. What do you think the fear of the Lord means?
  14. What are different kinds of fear?


Role Voice Actor
Amaris Pete Reneday
Anna Rachel Fox
Colonel Oliver Chris Edgerly
Darien Roger Rose
John Whittaker Andre Stojka
King Lawrence Jim Cummings
Kyle Shane Baumel
Messenger Matt Hurwitz
Old Judge Pete Reneday
Prince George Armin Shimmerman
Princess Michelle Audrey Wasilewski
Titus Unknown
Waiter Dave Fennoy





Titus: I take my orders from the King and his officers! You can't tell me what to do! You have no authority.
Old Judge: Don't I?
Titus: Well...No!
Old Judge: Let me tell you a little something about authority. It is given. Not taken. My authority comes from the Unseen One. From where does the king and his officers get their authority?
Titus: Well...uh...

Anna: One minute, I was in an old house in Odyssey, and the next I was in the king's closet!