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Robert Mitchell
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Robert Mitchell is an FBI agent who is currently working in Budapest, Hungary.


Mitch came to Odyssey to expose Novacom's evil deeds.

He originally worked as a public relations representative at Novacom, and at one point claimed to have been transferred from Galaxy Communications in Boston. During the Novacom Saga he started a romantic relationship with Connie Kendall. He was thought to have been murdered, but was actually in the Federal Witness Protection Program. Later, after Novacom was exposed and stopped, Mitch and Connie continued dating through the next few seasons after Exit. In Something Blue, Part 1 he proposed to her, and they planned their wedding, but didn't carry through with it, not because they were uncertain about their love, but due to a two year training program in Budapest that Mitch was taking in order to become an FBI agent. Mitch later returns in Something Old, Something New, Part 1 and Something Old, Something New, Part 2, where he was revealed to be engaged to a woman named Maureen.

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See Mitchell family

Mitch is known to have a sister (Rachel) and a brother.

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Trent DeWhite: I was asked to join the biology club. We do experiments and help other kids with biology projects. And we're the only group allowed to touch the skeletons. I know it sounds nerdy, but it's kind of an honor to be asked because skeletons aren't cheap.
Robert Mitchell: I wouldn't sell mine for anything.

#517: “It's All About Me”

Robert Mitchell: We've got a rabbit on the fire escape!

#533: “Something Blue, Part 1”

Robert Mitchell: Oh, Connie. I'm sorry I'm so late.

#532: “Pink Is Not My Color”

Connie Kendall: Right there—the perfect job for you! I circled it.
Robert Mitchell: You want me to be a flight attendant?

#507: “The Benefit of the Doubt”

Connie Kendall: You know what? We should probably go over our questioning tactics. Do you want to be good cop, or bad cop?
Robert Mitchell: Neither.
Connie Kendall: Well, what should I be?
Robert Mitchell: How about silent cop?

#523: “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?, Part 1”

Robert Mitchell: Uh, this is heavy! What’s in here?
Connie Kendall: Green eyes...

#463: “Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips”

Rodney Rathbone: But you don't not know!
Robert Mitchell: Yeah— I mean no, I don't not know, I guess...
Rodney Rathbone: So, if you don't not know, then you do know! And if you know that the answer isn't no, then you know that there's no way you can know I broke the window!
Robert Mitchell: Huh?
Rodney Rathbone: No further questions!

#467: “Broken Window”

John Whittaker: Bye bye, Edith
Edith Sutton: Bye bye... cutie pie.
Robert Mitchell: <mockingly> "Cutie pie."
John Whittaker: Tell no one.

#525: “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?, Part 3”

Peter Bourland: Okay, boys, let's roll up our sleeves and get to work. Jason, Mitch--care to help, or did you just come along to gloat?
Jason Whittaker: Both, actually.
Robert Mitchell: I wouldn’t miss this for the world!

#498: “Exactly as Planned”

Connie Kendall: You've got all these secrets. I feel like I'm dating the Pentagon, and I don't even know how to ask you about any of it! I mean, my biggest secret is that I'm afraid of staplers!
Robert Mitchell: Connie--
Connie Kendall: You're not gonna tell anybody, are you?
Robert Mitchell: I promise, but if you'll... you're afraid of staplers?

#485: “Plan B, Part 2: Collision Course”

Robert Mitchell: I’m Mitch, by the way. What’s your name?
Connie Kendall: Mitch... I mean, Connie!

#463: “Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips”

Robert Mitchell: So I wanna ask you something. Will you marry me?
Connie Kendall: What? I mean, are you serious?
Robert Mitchell: Yes, I'm serious.

#524: “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?, Part 2”

Robert Mitchell: If you ever do get locked in a trunk, you can kick out the brake lights and wave out the back to signal vehicles behind you.

#517: “It's All About Me”

Robert Mitchell: Really. Is he the reason you got all dressed up?
Connie Kendall: What?
Robert Mitchell: Look at you: you're wearing a dress, you've got on make-up... What is that? Is that perfume?
Connie Kendall: It's called soap.

#471: “Fifteen Minutes”

Robert Mitchell: "Frank's Breakfast Inn." Oh boy. Do you know what that could mean?
Connie Kendall: That they serve waffles?
Robert Mitchell: The initials "FBI," do you think that's a sign?

#523: “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?, Part 1”

Robert Mitchell: And we're back. The best way, caller, to get lipstick out of a sweater is with Vaseline.
Liz Horton: Ooh, how do I get the Vaseline out, then?
Robert Mitchell: Oh... look at that! Time for another break.

#517: “It's All About Me”

Robert Mitchell: Give me the tire iron, Connie.
Connie Kendall: Mitch? What?
Robert Mitchell: These are friends of mine from the academy. The kidnapping was a joke.

#534: “Something Blue, Part 2”

Robert Mitchell: I think we need to get married.
Connie Kendall: To each other?

#533: “Something Blue, Part 1”

Robert Mitchell: Oh, you know what I mean. Doesn't she smell better than usual, Jack?
Jack Allen: Hm, yes, yes... Oh no, no! Well, it's hard to tell with all this, uh, ice cream!

#471: “Fifteen Minutes”

Connie Kendall: This'll have to do.
Robert Mitchell: Connie, that's a frozen pizza.
Connie Kendall: Oh, stop complaining and hold it against your nose.

#483: “Secrets”

Robert Mitchell: The man isn't exactly lucid these days.
Peter Bourland: Making him a slightly less reliable source than Mr. Potato Head.
Robert Mitchell: If Mr. Potato Head had information right now, I'd take it.

#496: “Exceptional Circumstances”

Connie Kendall: I like how your ears turn red when you're embarrassed.
Robert Mitchell: I like how you always get whipped cream on your nose when you eat a sundae.
Connie Kendall: I like how that lock of hair falls across your forehead at such an adorably perfect angle.
Bernard Walton: Oh, Connie, I love the way your kidneys work. Oh, Mitch, your toenails grow with such amazing symmetry.

#503: “Between You and Me”

Robert Mitchell: It's still your turn.
Connie Kendall: Still?
Robert Mitchell: And it will remain your turn until you bowl into our lane.

#482: “Grand Opening, Part 2”

Connie Kendall: Why? Give me one good reason of why I should trust you?
Robert Mitchell: Because I think I'm falling in love with you Connie!
Connie Kendall: (beat) Oh! Well! It looks like we're out of time for today! For Candid Conversations with Connie, I'm Connie Kendall! Goodbye!

#483: “Secrets”

Connie Kendall: So far, our relationship has been 90% action-adventure and only 10% romantic comedy!
Robert Mitchell: Yeah! It's been great!
Connie Kendall: But I like romantic comedy. I like flowers, and walks in the park, and sitting around with friends over dinner—not worrying about if you're coming home at night!
Robert Mitchell: You knew this was never gonna be a normal life.
Connie Kendall: Yeah, but...but somehow, I pictured it in my head as...abnormally normal—like, you'd go off and save the world during the day and then you'd come home at 5:00 for dinner.
Robert Mitchell: Well...
Connie Kendall: But it's not really gonna be like that; I mean, the reality of it all is that you're in a job where you'll travel and move around a lot and—and people will want to put bags over your head and kidnap you for real. And more than love it.
Robert Mitchell: Yeah, you—you're right. And you're the one that pointed that out to me. You said I'm passionate about fighting for good and living in adventure.
Connie Kendall: And you need to be doing those things; I know that. But...I don't want to be the afterthought, the one you come home to occasionally. And I know that even when you're with me, your heart will still be on the field.

#534: “Something Blue, Part 2”

Connie Kendall: So, the riot was fun? I mean...
Robert Mitchell: It was a riot.

#463: “Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips”

Robert Mitchell: He's a resourceful man... in a dirty, conniving, unscrupulous kind of way.

#525: “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?, Part 3”

Connie Kendall: Two years?!
Robert Mitchell: Did I miss an anniversary?

#533: “Something Blue, Part 1”

Connie Kendall: I dunno, Mitch. I mean, after your experience working with Novacom, aren't you just a little worried about corruption in the workplace?
Robert Mitchell: Oh, no, I've done a thorough background check on myself, and I'm clean!
Connie Kendall: Aren't you worried about you snitching on yourself? Word has it, you are quite a whistle-blower!
Robert Mitchell: Oh, I welcome whistle-blowing! If I start doing anything illegal behind my back I'll be the first person to tell myself, I promise!

#507: “The Benefit of the Doubt”

Robert Mitchell: Bye, Connie. Take care.
Connie Kendall: Good-bye, Mitch.

#534: “Something Blue, Part 2”

Connie Kendall: What's wrong? Do you know who the anti-Whit is?
Robert Mitchell: Well, according to this, it's me!

#523: “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?, Part 1”

Robert Mitchell: Bourland asked me to join the FBI.
Connie Kendall: The FBI? Do you know how dangerous they are?
Robert Mitchell: Sure, they killed me, remember?

#503: “Between You and Me”

Robert Mitchell: I'm getting married, too!
Connie Kendall: What!

#713: “Something Old, Something New, Part 1”

Connie Kendall: So, the interview went well?
Robert Mitchell: Oh, I dazzled myself. I'm really a sharp guy, and I should be a great addition to my company.
Connie Kendall: Well, you probably wouldn't even have a company without you!
Robert Mitchell: Exactly.

#507: “The Benefit of the Doubt”

Connie Kendall: Should we bless it?
Robert Mitchell: Absolutely. Lord, please protect us. Amen.

#533: “Something Blue, Part 1”

Robert Mitchell: Maybe I can't keep dating you. There's not much of me left.
Connie Kendall: Just shows that love hurts.
Robert Mitchell: Yeah, but it's not supposed to require stitches.

#503: “Between You and Me”

Connie Kendall: Hey, did you get your hair cut?
Mitch: No, just styled it differently.
Connie Kendall: It looks awesome!
Mitch: Thanks. You look great, too.

#499: “Exit”


Robert Mitchell has appeared in 22 episodes, has been voiced by 2 actors, and has received an average user rating of 92.9%.

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