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Steve Burns
Episode Characters Played 12
Episode Appearances 77
Podcast Appearances 3



Actor Steve Burns is best known to Adventures in Odyssey fans as the voice of recurring troublemaker and sometimes-villain Rodney Rathbone — son of Bart Rathbone and Doris Rathbone and leader of the Bones of Wrath — as well as Connie Kendall's former love interest (and Novacom saga hero) Robert Mitchell, better known as "Mitch."

Burns's first role on the program was as the shady character Howie in #57: “The Prodigal, Jimmy” during the 1989 Season. He last voiced Rodney in #623: “Buddy Guard” during the 2007 Season and briefly reprised his role as Mitch (after the character had been written out of the show in #534: “Something Blue, Part 2” during the 2003 Season) in #713: “Something Old, Something New, Part 1” and #714: “Something Old, Something New, Part 2” during the 2012 Season.


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