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The Official Guide
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July 2008
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The Complete Guide The Official Guide The Official Guide: 25th Birthday Edition


Everything you ever wanted to know about Focus on the Family's immensely popular radio show! Relive favorite Adventures in Odyssey episodes with fun facts and trivia; view photos from recording sessions; read interviews with actors; go behind the scenes of production; and more. Includes indexes of which programs teach certain lessons and episodes by Bible references. For more than 20 years, Adventures in Odyssey has delighted kids (and kids at heart!) with exciting stories and character-building truths. Now you can be part of the real adventure with this behind-the-scenes guide to the people, places, and faces of the world’s #1 family audio drama!

Get backstage details on the making of your favorite episodes, books, and animated films; hundreds of photos—including an 8-page color photo gallery; new trivia for 642 episodes; and step-by-step instructions on how to draw the characters. It’s an exclusive guide that no fan can do without!


  • See the real-life faces of your favorite characters in exclusive 8-page color photo album.
  • Discover all-new trivia about the show, from episode #1: “Whit's Flop” up to #642: “The Imagination Station, Revisited, Part 2”.
  • Learn how to draw over a dozen characters from Odyssey.
  • Enjoy dazzling art and fun pictures in all 50+ chapters.
  • Find the right story with new indexes (by lesson, by Bible verse & more).
  • Get making-of details on Adventures in Odyssey novels, animated films, musical albums and other spin-offs from your favorite small town.


You can view 57 pages of the book here!.