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Jeff Lewis
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Connie's first love, a well-off and athletic guy who, although he treated Connie well and said he was willing to do anything for her, was not a Christian; Connie, in an emotional scene, told him that he couldn't get on his knees and say a prayer for her; salvation has to be a personal decision, and because he was not a Christian, they couldn't continue to date. He appeared after Connie's mom died in #736: “Life Expectancy, Part 3”, revealing that he became a Christian sometime after he and Connie broke up, and later told Connie a story in #737 – #738: “The Pilot” about a missions trip he was on when Lily Graham enlisted his services as a pilot.


His parents were first mentioned in #111: “First Love”. His dad died when he was in college.


Jeff Lewis: I think someone's watching us.
Connie Kendall: Oh.... that's just Wooton.

#737: “The Pilot, Part 1”

Connie Kendall: I like you, Jeff. I like you so much.
Jeff Lewis: That's a problem?
Connie Kendall: Yeah. It is.

#111: “First Love”

Penny Bassett: <clears throat>
Connie Kendall: Oh...Penny, Penny, uh...this is Jeff; Jeff, this is Penny. Penny's my best friend and roommate, and Jeff was, first love.
Penny Bassett: Ahh...first love.
Jeff Lewis: Well, I guess so.

#736: “Life Expectancy, Part 3”

Wooton Bassett: So, you searched the hut, you found the medicine and now we can move on from the sick people part of the story and back to the airplanes and the romance?
Jeff Lewis: Sorry, no.
Wooton Bassett: I should have stayed on the porch with the potted plant.
Eugene Meltsner: Beg your pardon?

#738: “The Pilot, Part 2”

Connie Kendall: I had a breakdown at the home improvement store, but other than that, I'm completely fine.
Jeff Lewis: Breakdown?
Connie Kendall: Over paint samples.

#737: “The Pilot, Part 1”

Jeff Lewis: What are the laws about breaking and entering?
Lily Graham: No breaking, just entering.

#738: “The Pilot, Part 2”

Lily Graham: Where did you learn that trick?
Jeff Lewis: I saw it in a movie!
Lily Graham: I'm glad I didn't know that before!!

#738: “The Pilot, Part 2”

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Jeff Lewis is voiced by Gary Reed, has appeared in 11 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 86.8%.

Jeff Lewis has been mentioned in 4 episodes.