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Room of Consequence
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The Room of Consequence (ROC) is one of John Whittaker's many inventions. It allows the user to see the possible outcome of their actions, similar to the Imagination Station. The ROC can also give the user special abilities.

The Room of Consequence, another of Whit's inventions, was introduced in episode Into Temptation. The idea is that just as the Imagination Station allows individuals to step into the past, the Room of Consequence allows them to see a possible future, usually extrapolated from the decisions the person is making in the present. Unlike the Imagination Station, the Room of Consequence does not appear to allow for significant interaction with the future environment. The Room of Consequence plays a much smaller role in AIO than the Imagination Station, with only twelve episodes including it to date. It now ages the people who takes the trips in the room of Consequence when they go into the future. View all of the inventions at Whit's End


In both the video series and the audio series, the Room of Consequence seems to just "appear". The video series says that Whit had been working on it for a while, and Dylan Taylor and Sal Martinez were very anxious. The audio series introduced it as just being a new invention for somebody (in that case, Jimmy) to try.



Episode User Effect
#236: “Into Temptation” Jimmy Barclay See the outcome of buying a video game without permission
#238: “For Thine Is the Kingdom” Courtney Vincent Understand the lifelong outcome of bitterness
#247: “Why Don't You Grow Up?” Erica Clark See what it's like to be twenty-two years old
#295: “Soaplessly Devoted” Erica Clark Enter a soap opera
#306: “A Victim of Circumstance” Howard J. Weizel, Jason Whittaker, Jack Allen Experience the outcome of a lack of responsibility
#415: “Gloobers” Jared DeWhite, Dwayne Oswald Enter a video game
#428a: “The Eternal Birthday” Liz Horton Live the same day over and over
#441a: “What Do You Think?” Liz Horton Hear what other people think
#445: “No Boundaries” Alex Jefferson Live without rules
#521: “Hindsight” Liz Horton Experience the results of a choice, backwards
#590: “Three O’Clock Call” Grady McKay, Jennifer Telling lies
#718: “For Three Dollars More” Barrett Jones, John Whittaker Understand the merit of tithing
#723: “Groundhog Jay” Jay Smouse, Priscilla Peterson See the result of the same choice over and over
#799: “Where Your Treasure Is” Camilla Parker, Asmita Use Bible verses to manipulate reality
#838: “Rewinding the Big Picture” Camilla Parker Helping a friend
#849: “Out to Sea” Eugene Meltsner
#892: “Millstones” Renee Carter, Connie Kendall Learning to make ethical decisions