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John Campbell
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Episode Characters Played 3
Episode Appearances 3
Episodes Music Composed 701
Videos Music Composed 95
Podcast Appearances 5


Award winning composer John Campbell has written a variety of music for film, television and radio. His vast and ever-evolving vision, combined with a diverse background in both creative composition and harmony, has helped John adapt to a wide range of musical styles. Over the years, John has earned himself a highly esteemed reputation within the music industry, establishing a continuous relationship with a long list of satisfied clients. John's motto to deliver music "on time and within budget" has kept people coming back, as he has demonstrated himself to be an invaluable asset in bringing a production's musical goals to a reality. Possessing a keen musical ear, John's dynamic style is evident in all the music he composes. Whether creating an intense, percussive driven full orchestral score, or a soft and heartfelt emotional cue, John is able to contribute a meaningful dimension to a dramatic story. Though he has mastered the live orchestral recording process, John's embrace of digital music technology has allowed him to progress in his musical vision and remain current in the world of popular music. Because of this, John is able to offer his clients more variety in accommodating their budgets and overall production needs.

More specifically, John wrote the music for most of the Adventures in Odyssey radio drama series, as well as Paws & Tales, Down Gilead Lane, Lamplighter Theatre, and the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre audio dramas. He also has written for many television shows, and composed themes for many broadcasting series, including Focus on the Family, Insight for Living, The Coral Ridge Hour, Promise Keepers, among others.


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