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John Fornof
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Episode Characters Played 6
Episode Appearances 4
Episodes Written 45
Episodes Directed 21
Books Written 1
Videos Written 1
Podcast Appearances 8



John Fornof is a writer of Adventures in Odyssey, most notable for #466: “Snow Day”. He now writes, directs, and produces for Lamplighter Theater. From 2006-2009 John wrote for CBH's audio drama: Down Gilead Lane.


Since 1985, John Fornof (also known as John Beebee) has been producing and writing for television and radio. John is (or was) also a writer, a voice director, and also a consultant for the Ribbits Video Series. He had recieved three Addy Awards for his commercials and also two regional Emmy awards for documentary work. He is married to Karen Nettles, and they have three children. He is a writer and director of (what else?) Adventures in Odyssey.

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Episodes Written (45) · Episodes Directed (21) · Acting (4) · Characters (6) · Videos Written (1) · Books (1) · Podcasts (8)

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John Fornof has written 45 episodes with an average rating of 89.7%
John Fornof has acted in 4 episodes with an average rating of 92.8%
John Fornof has written 1 videos with an average rating of 81%
John Fornof has written 1 book with an average rating of 79%