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Duncan Mathis
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Duncan Mathis is the brother of Monica Stone, whose well-being was Monica's main evident motivation during the Novacom saga. He is a wheel-chair bound paraplegic who was the subject of many Radio wave study tests at Campbell College.


Jason Whittaker: Wait a minute. I'm confused. If it worked, why aren't you using the technology now? Isn't the Novabox supposed to help the handicapped?
Duncan Mathis: I did use it. The benefits don't last.
Jason Whittaker: What?
Duncan Mathis: All of the benefits of the Novabox - they reverse themselves... to the extent that people are worse off than they were before. It happened to me. It will happen to everyone else.

#496: “Exceptional Circumstances”


Duncan Mathis is voiced by Luke Graham, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 94%.

Duncan Mathis has been mentioned in 1 episode.