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Agnes Riley
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Agnes Rose Lee Riley was known to her oldest friends as "Rose." She had met Joanne "Jo" Woodston at a camp and then they reunited about twenty years later. She became a Christian because of Jo's influence. After her first husband, Wilbur Lee, died from cancer, she met and married Tom Riley.

She lived in an assisted living home, Hillingdale Haven, where Tom visited her often. At one point, Doris and Rodney Rathbone saw Tom visiting her and thought she was someone else. They tried to start a smear campaign to assist Bart Rathbone in ousting Tom from the mayor's office.

One time during the Novacom saga, Tom was able to bring her home, but soon after she became worse off.


Agnes married Thomas Riley after her first husband Wilbur Lee died. Timmy was her stepson who died in a tragic accident before she married Tom. She decided she and Tom should have a kid. They never had success, and when she found out she was unable to have children it affected her deeply to the point of mental illness. During that illness she was unable to play piano or paint, and she dyed her hair as often as she changed her clothes and sometimes believed Timmy was alive even though she never met him (The Other Woman, Exceptional Circumstances)


Tom has stated in the past that Agnes had "a deep depression" that kept her from doing various basic tasks and confined her to a mental hospital. However, after the events of the Novacom Saga, Agnes' symptoms were more typical of someone who has Alzheimer's disease. However, it's possible that because of the regression that using the Novabox brought on that it gave her Alzheimer's disease.


Also see, Riley quotes.
Agnes Riley: "J-O"! That's it! "J-O". Does that mean anything to you?
Mandy Straussberg: No.
Agnes Riley: I should know what that means. What does it mean? What is it?

#511: “The Pact, Part 1”

Joanne Allen: Rose?
Agnes Riley: It's you!
Tom Riley: It is? But that's...
John Whittaker: That's Joanne Allen?!

#512: “The Pact, Part 2”

John Whittaker: Well Agnes, it takes time to cook a good turkey dinner.
Agnes Riley: That's what I've always tried to tell Tom, Whit. It's not as easy as you thought it was, is it?
Tom Riley: Nope. Especially on the turkey.

#49: “Thank You, God”

John Whittaker: I'm curious, Joanne. Rose hasn't met with you for forty years. Why did you come today?
Joanne Allen: Because I promised I would. I've been coming every ten years and each time I came I hoped she'd be here. And now she is. Rose, it means so much to see you again.
Agnes Riley: Yes, you too, Jo.

#512: “The Pact, Part 2”

Agnes Riley: Maybe next time you come, I'll be a redhead. That'll get 'em talking.

#368: “The Other Woman”


Agnes Riley has appeared in 9 episodes, has been voiced by 3 actors, and has received an average user rating of 93.2%.

All (9)  · Julia Kazarian (1988)  · Susan Silo (1996-2005)  · Emily Pollack (2003)

Agnes Riley has been mentioned in 5 episodes.