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Corey Burton
Episode Characters Played 169
Episode Appearances 124
Podcast Appearances 1


Corey Burton is a voice actor for Adventures in Odyssey.


Corey is a prolific voice actor for Adventures in Odyssey best known for his recurring characters Bryan Dern and Walter Shakespeare. Burton began his AIO career playing young Joe Finneman (played by Parley Baer as an older man) in the episode #175: “East Winds, Raining”. Paul McCusker once introduced Corey as saying "...who has done, a kajillion voices for us...", and he wasn't far off. Burton has not been heard on AIO since Album 50: The Best Small Town, just prior to the second hiatus.


Outside of his work on AIO, Burton is known for his roles on various cartoons for Disney, Lucasfilm and other brands. Burton is known to Star Wars fans for his voice work on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series as Count Dooku and Cad Bane and various other characters.


Characters Played

Acting (124) · Characters (169) · Podcasts (1)

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Corey Burton has acted in 124 episodes with an average rating of 90.4%
Corey Burton has voiced 169 characters
Corey Burton has appeared in 1 podcast