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Abel McAlister
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Abel McAlister lived in 1800's Odyssey, and much like Trent DeWhite, had a fear of public speaking. One day, the dam holding back the water that would traditionally flood the area where town stood, burst. Abel was put in charge of warning the townsfolk. Due to his fear of public speaking, he wasn't able to communicate the danger, and much of the town was damaged by the water.

Later, he tried to apologize, but he stuttered once again, and set off a false alarm of another flood. He eventually overcame that fear of public speaking (because he had fourteen children and, according to him, "it became public speaking just to get the bread passed"). He eventually became the mayor of Odyssey after giving a speech to the town.


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He had fourteen children, and through one of them is the maternal great-grandfather of Trent DeWhite.


Abel McAlister: Well, my wife gave birth to fourteen wonderful children. It became public speaking just to get the bread passed!

#539: “Called On in Class”


Abel McAlister is voiced by Townsend Coleman, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 87%.