Rob Jorgensen

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Rob Jorgensen
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Episode Characters Played 1
Episode Appearances 1
Episodes Produced 43
Episodes Post-Produced 51
Episodes Engineered 45
Podcast Appearances 8



Rob Jorgensen is a sound designer for Adventures in Odyssey. He worked from 1994 to 2004, but then took a break and returned in 2012.


Episodes Produced (43) · Sound Design (51) · Episodes Engineered (45) · Acting (1) · Characters (1) · Podcasts (8)

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Rob Jorgensen has produced 43 episodes with an average rating of 88.3%
Rob Jorgensen has sound designed 51 episodes with an average rating of 0%
Rob Jorgensen has engineered 45 episodes with an average rating of 88.5%
Rob Jorgensen has acted in 1 episode with an average rating of 75%
Rob Jorgensen has voiced 1 character