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Hello. My username is iloveeugene, because he is my favorite character. Another little-known fact is that a variation of his name is eugenious or eugenius! Here's some more from his page:

After having his mind erased and getting it back, the first thing he remembers is when he becomes a Christian in: The Time Has Come

He can sleep standing up.

Eugene created an unsuccessful ice cream flavors radish and green bean. (#379: “Best Face Forward”)

He organizes his vests by occasion

He disintegrated a bathtub when he was 6 while trying to invent a new cleaning solution.

Eugene has a phobia of needles.(#599: “Blood, Sweat, and Fears”)

His favorite vest has a tortoise shell print and he likes it because it makes him feel like an amphibian.(#610: “Hear Me, Hear Me”)

His favorite book is Lactic Acid Bacteria Microbiological and Functional Aspects Third Edition. (#610: “Hear Me, Hear Me”)

He once was a missionary to Africa with his wife Katrina.

When he was 10, Eugene's favorite temperature was 68 degrees.

Eugene's foster parents were Frank and Maddie Burnette.

He owns a lot of dinosaur figures.

He used to raise goldfish.

He was nicknamed "Short Stuff" in high school.

He is always losing his keys.

Eugene's camp nickname was Goggles. (#583: “The Champ of the Camp”)

Eugene went to high school at age 9 and college at age 13. (#405: “The Graduate”)

Eugene once wanted a micro scope but got a plastic turtle instead.

Eugene wants a tire pressure gauge for Christmas. (“Grandma's Christmas Visit)

So, Now you Know why i love eugene! I don't have all the albums yet, But i'm planning on getting a few more.

Thanks for visiting my Userpage! To visit Eugene yourself click on the third word.

Pictures of Eugene

I LOVE EUGENE! see? Rock star eugene.PNGEugene 2014.pngEugenemeltsner.pngEugenemeltsner-2.pngEugenemeltsner-3.pngEugene winter.png

OAC episode pictures

A Daughter's Love- December 2015

The Journal of John Avery Whittaker

The Good Soil

Things Not Seen

Un-Tech the Halls

The Boat People, Part 1

The Boat People, Part 2

OAC episode Concept Art

My subpages and other important pages

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Eugene Facts
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List Of Weddings

I'm making a User:iloveeugene list of weddings. Here's a start:

Episode Groom Bride
#374: “For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll, Part 3” Jack Allen Joanne Woodston
#571: “For Better or for Worse, Part 2” Tom Riley Agnes
#571: “For Better or for Worse, Part 2” Eugene Meltsner Katrina Shanks
#622: “B-TV: Temptation” King Solomon Priscilla (b)

And one for births:

Episode Baby Mom Dad
#194: “A License to Drive” Connie Eugenia Mother of Connie Eugenia
#294: “Unto Us a Child Is Born” Stewart Reed Barclay Mary Barclay George Barclay
#727: “Your Servant is Listening” Samuel Hannah Elkanah

And deaths, too!

Episode Death Those Around
#319: “A Touch of Healing, Part 2” Mildred Kendall June Kendall, Connie Kendall
#334: “The Final Conflict” Regis Blackgaard? Jack Allen
#734: “Life Expectancy, Part 1” June Kendall Nurse

What I'm Working On

Finding Little Things (Such as Typos) That need editing

Adding OAC episode pictures when they come out:

The Lone Lawman Check.svg Done (Although user:Reddo Uploaded Bigger Version)

Thirty Jays Hath September Check.svg Done

The Perfect Gift Check.svg Done

The Dropbox Check.svg Done

All By Myself X mark.svg Not Done (Sorry!)

User:JasonWhittaker did All By Myself Check.svg Done (Thanks Jason for filling in!)

Pinocchio: The Tale of a Foolish Puppet, Part 1 Check.svg Done (Concept Art) (Although User:AIOrocks101 uploaded a bigger version.)

Pinocchio: The Tale of a Foolish Puppet, Part 2 Check.svg Done (Concept Art) (Although User:AIOrocks101 uploaded a bigger version.)

Something New

Boy, i love new things! watch this, inspired by User:Nate.

Refresh this Album Image: 233d.png

Wooton's Comics

How many more?


Captain Absolutely

Drake the Cosmic Copper

The Sleuth Family Robinson


All New Spoilers!

Just to make sure you don't, clicking one will trigger BOTH!

Spoiler Alert! This page contains information about one or more un-aired episodes.
To view the contents of this page, click anywhere on this warning.

Ahem, I told You Not To Click it! I Might have told you if you had just nicely asked. BUT NO! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! "The spoiler is now successfully fixed. That word has three double letters in it." Scientific Guy (talk) 14:47, 20 March 2016 (MDT)

Album 60!

THIS are now the one I am waiting for!

Episode Airdate Listen
#783: “Words from the Wise” March/April 2015 N/A
#784: “Cycle of Fear” March/April 2015 N/A
#785: “No Cause for Concern” March/April 2015 N/A
#786: “The Case of the Ball Cap Hero” March/April 2015 N/A
#787: “Between the Lines, Part 1” March/April 2015 N/A
#788: “Between the Lines, Part 2” March/April 2015 N/A


Starting Now, 10:23, Till 10:23 Tomorrow- I'm Embarking on the Ultimate Edit Quest! Most Edits in 24 Hours? Let's Find Out! Try The Quest Yourself!

Hour 1 This is My 31st Edit! PAUSE

My older sister did it!

OK. I admit I have used the "Little brother excuse" a few times, although those were not complete bans, and my older sister DID DO IT. To prevent this from happening so I don't need to use the excuse, I will Log Out after I'm done. Yours, iloveeugene

Fan episodes I am writing

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Penny wants to give Wooton a gift.

The Truth About Christmas

Whit is convicted after a mysterious Whit's End visitor tells him some startling facts about Christmas.

The Star-Spangled Web

Matthew Parker goes in the Imagination Station and learns the troubles America went to to have a flag.

1,000th Edit!!!

This is my 1,000 edit! Woot Woot! Here's to AIOWiki!