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Information.png Man, I really have a lot of catching up to do.
Scientific Guy
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September 20, 2014
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Never wrestle with a pig. You both just get dirty, and the pig likes it.

Homer Fremont, #30: “Honor Thy Parents”

The purpose of any wiki is to be a compilation of information. [A] page [that] doesn't contribute anything to the wiki... therefore doesn't really belong here.

Reddo, November 6th, 2014

Love is something we do, Matthew, whether the feelings are there or not; though, the feelings are nice too.

David Parker, #762: “The Ties That Bind, Part 12”

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I am a Bureaucrat on AIOWiki as well as the host of the AIOWiki Podcast. My specialty on AIOWiki is maintaining the systems running behind the scenes, rather than adding new content. I have written a few articles in the past, however. My user image comes years ago when I used to play Minecraft and the pig was my mascot.

I don’t like reading Wikipedia because the apparent bias against traditional marriage drives me crazy. If you’d like to help donate to my sanity, any contributions would be much appreciated.


This is a list of projects I've given to the AIOWiki community. I hope it makes it seem that my time has been worthwhile here.

  1. 24,034 edits: the number of edits I've made since I've joined the wiki.
  2. Administrator: Reddo made me an Administrator on June 27, 2016.
  3. Stop Wooton Around: he returned to AIOWiki after receiving an email from me.
  4. FOTF download links: episode pages now link to the Focus on the Family Store.
  5. Calendar: calendar pages don't need ANY parameters anymore.
  6. Auto-download links: clicking on certain links will start a download of the item automatically.
  7. Listen links: repaired links to Focus on the Family's broadcasts of AIO.
  8. {{Ep}}: now works with split episodes, works with multi-parters, doesn't need num=yes, and works on the target episode page.
  9. The Wraparound Project: the biggest project I've undertaken.
  10. Plot summaries: write-ups for Novacom saga, Things Not Seen, A Predicament of Biblical Proportions, Un-Tech the Halls, Friend or Foe, and more.
  11. The AIOWiki Podcast: the Official fan podcast of AIOWiki!
  12. Polls: reviving the AIOWiki Poll after a 2-year-long inactivity.
  13. Page Organization: a breakdown of almost all the articles on AIOWiki.
  14. Episode Dispersion: charts and descriptions of each era of Odyssey episodes.
  15. {{Ext link}}: providing a warning before allowing access to sites like Wikipedia or IMDB.
  16. RSS Feed: images show up now.
  17. Unreleased episodes: an updated version of my favorite album cover.
  18. {{Infobox User}}: a template long overdue.
  19. Album infobox images: each album infobox has tabs to view the front cover, back cover, 3D view, or illustration.
  20. Series Albums lead sections: a description of the album's content, release dates, and episode airdates.
  21. Current Podcasts: a section on the main page with the latest Official and AIOWiki Podcasts.
  22. Checked ALL FILES up to March 4, 2019: many useless files have been deleted.
  23. Automated spoilers: spoilers will appear and disappear automatically on episode pages.
  24. Logo 2018: the logo for AIOWiki was updated to one designed by Aiow and me on June 23, 2018.
  25. Episodes labeled by saga: a color-coded list of all episodes, including those that fall into the main six sagas.
  26. {{Album Characters}} and {{Album Writers}}: fixed Erwin Springer's system.
  27. {{Hybrid Cast}}: made organization simpler and solved a divisive issue.
  28. Help:DPL: added the DynamicPageList manual to AIOWiki.
  29. {{New Episodes}}: automated the template with help from Aiow, who suggested Extension:Loops.
  30. Los Visitantes: removed an episode that had been annoying for a long time.

Edits made by me, Scientific Guy, correspond to a 4:3 computer screen aspect ratio.

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Scientific Guy has made 24,034 contributions to AIOWiki.

Scientific Guy is an administrator and a bureaucrat on AIOWiki. (verify)

Scientific Guy contributes using Google Chrome.

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Scientific Guy loves AIOWiki!

Scientific Guy has appeared on The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast four times.

Scientific Guy loves the AIOWiki Podcast!

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Scientific Guy loves DPL automated lists.

Scientific Guy is a huge fan of the Novacom saga

Scientific Guy owns the digital version of Family Portraits.

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