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Mary Barclay
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Mary is married to George Barclay, and they have three kids: Donna, Jimmy, and Stewart Reed.


Mary is a caring and compassionate wife and mother that works hard to keep sanity among her husband and children, even during their difficult, constantly changing lifestyle. She's generally the patient peacemaker, with a big heart and a genuine love for her kids. She admits their circumstances when things are going badly, but tightens her belt and plunges in with a smile.


Mary's name was a purposeful reference to Mary Bailey in the film "It's a Wonderful Life." In fact, the names of the entire Barclay family were references to that film, as revealed in an interview released on CD. Numerous others It’s a Wonderful Life References appear throughout AIO.
She worked part time as a dental receptionist.
She was a cheerleader in high school.


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Mary Barclay has appeared in 38 episodes, has been voiced by 4 actors, and has received an average user rating of 89.6%.

All (38)  · Patti Parris (1989-2002)  · Maggie Malooly (1988)  · Trisha Alright (1988-1989)  · Carol Bilger (1993-2002)

Mary Barclay has been mentioned in 16 episodes.