Your Servant is Listening, Part 1

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#727: “Your Servant is Listening, Part 1”
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January 21, 2013
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57: A Call to Something More
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1 Samuel 1:1-4:22

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Your Servant is Listening, Part 1

“Your Servant is Listening, Part 1” is episode #727 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Nathan Hoobler and Kathy Buchanan, and originally aired on August 10, 2013.


Camilla Parker and her mom, Eva, and grandma, Lucia, journey in the Imagination Station to witness the last judge of Israel and learn about hearing God’s voice.


Eva Parker, and grandma Lucia Ortega are talking about Matthew’s hair. Lucia thinks that long hair, that looks like a mop (whether in fashion or not) is unacceptable.

Then Camilla Parker comes home from school. She tells Lucia and her mom that at school Jessie Fliscergold got a pencil eraser stuck up his nose, and that he had to go to the emergency room! Eva then asks if Camilla has thought about what she is going to say at family devotions that night. Camilla replies that she hasn't been reading the Bible each night. When Eva asks to read with Camilla, Camilla informs them that she cannot, because she is going to sleep over at her friend Suzie’s house. Camilla then asks to skip church because Suzie does not go to church. Camilla tries to argue but Eva tells Camilla that she is going to church Wednesday, and she will take Camilla to Suzie’s after church.

As Camilla stomps off to her room, Eva and Lucia discuss Camilla and her attitude towards church and faith related topics. They both are not sure if Camilla has a relationship with God. Eva asks Lucia for her advice. Lucia thinks of a story that would help, but both doubt if Camilla will listen. Then Eva decides to give Whit a call.

Camilla gets to Whit's End and finds Eva and Lucia. They tell her that they all are going on an Imagination Station adventure together. They go to Shiloh, at the time of the Passover feast. At Hannah and Elkanah’s house, they are invited to eat the Passover feast with them. Camilla, Eva, and Lucia all go after Hannah, who ran off to the temple to pour out her heart to the Lord about not having any children. At the tabernacle, they find everything very busy, because it is the Passover. Then they fine Hannah praying in the corner. She was praying for a son. After Hannah finished praying, she invites Eva Camilla and Lucia to come home and eat some of the feast.

In the next scene, Eva helps Hannah give birth to a son, Samuel. Then Hannah explains to Camilla about prayer. Then the Imagination station takes Eva and Lucia to the Tabernacle, Lucia wants to make a sacrifice. They then try to make a sacrifice, but Phineas the priest, wants to take the meat for himself before burning the fat off it. When they refuse, he threatens to take it by force.

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Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Matthew Parker Lucia Ortega
David Parker Lucia Ortega
Olivia Parker Eva Parker
Aunt Rosalita Lucia Ortega
John Whittaker Eva Parker
Samuel Hannah
Hophni Tabernacle Guard 1




Camilla Parker: Suzie doesn't go to church…can I skip?
Eva Parker: No, you can’t. We go every Wednesday. You know that.
Camilla Parker: Right, but this month has five Wednesdays, not four. So, I’ve already met my quota.
Lucia Ortega: That makes no sense at all.

Eva Parker: We’re all going on a trip in the Imagination station.
Camilla Parker: We are!
Lucia Ortega: We are?
Eva Parker: Yes, we are. You didn’t think you’d be left behind, did you, Mama? Mr. Whittaker programmed this adventure for the three of us.
Camilla Parker: What’s it about?
Eva Parker: Why don’t we go find out?
Lucia Ortega: I’m not going to get one of those computer viruses, am I?

Camilla Parker: God's never talked to me.
Hannah: God is faithful to do what He says he will do. Perhaps the problem is that you haven't been listening--that you have ears, but fail to truly hear.

Hannah: Stay obedient to Him, Camilla. Listen, you'll hear His voice.