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Mary Hopkins
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Mary Hopkins is the owner and manager of Mary's Story Shop. Her company sponsors the building of the second Whit's End in Connellsville. She is from South Dakota. Novacom used Mary to distract Whit with Whits End Connellsville. Mary reminded Whit of Jenny Whittaker when they first met, at the time Whit was experimenting with new ideas for Whit's End, driving Mary to suggest Whit's End Connellsville.


John Whittaker: Mary, how would you like to attend a neighborhood meeting in Oswald Heights?
Mary Hopkins: Not a chance. Is that what you're doing?
John Whittaker: Yep.
Mary Hopkins: I hope you get out alive.

#469: “Chains, Part 2”

Mary Hopkins: We need to take the hint. We have to get out of Oswald Heights.

#468: “Chains, Part 1”

Mary Hopkins: You don't understand. I'm from South Dakota. We didn't have crime when I was growing up. Everyone was polite and kind and knives were used to cut pork chops.

#469: “Chains, Part 2”


Mary Hopkins is voiced by Natalie O'Hare, has appeared in 6 episodes.

Mary Hopkins has been mentioned in 2 episodes.