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Connellsville (sometimes spelled Connelsville) is a fictional town near Odyssey. Like Odyssey, Connellsville is located in Campbell County. However, Connellsville holds the position of County Seat. According to #310: “The Perfect Witness, Part 2”, Connellsville is about 20 miles from Odyssey -- or at least from Holstein's Books.

The town was first mentioned in #29: “Rumor Has It”, where Mr. Kirban says he takes carpets to Connellsville. And the town first appears in the episode #125: “All's Well With Boswell” when Robyn Jacobs, Jessie Morales and a cat named Boswell end up there by mistake while Robyn is supposed to be cat-sitting. The town appears in at least 30 additional radio episodes and some videos. According to Eileen Sellars, Connellsville has to always out-do Odyssey.


Connellsville is located in Campbell County, Ohio. It once had a zoo, but this closed in the mid-1990's. Connellsville also has a mall (larger than Odyssey's),a bank, the Nairobi Children's Home, the renowned Connellsville School for the Blind (attended by Jenny Roberts), a detention center (Connellsville Detention Center), a college (Campbell County Community College) and a radio station that sometimes re-broadcasts programs originating from Kids' Radio in Odyssey.

The video A Stranger Among Us has revealed that there is a prison in Connellsville (Connellsville Penitentiary).

Whit's End Connellsville

Main article: Whit's End (Connellsville)

During the Novacom saga, a second Whit's End was opened in the Oswald Heights district.

Oswald Heights

The Oswald Heights section of Connellsville is known to be a rough section of town with abandoned houses and poverty. Whit decides to build Whit's End (Connellsville) here.