EIO: Bernard Returns

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EIO: Bernard Returns
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"EIO: Bernard Returns" is a story arc in the Elsewhere in Odyssey Comic Series.


Bernard Walton unexpectedly bumps into old friend Red Hollard, sparking memories of their past adventures together. As they catch up, Bernard reminisces about his absence from Odyssey and learns of Eugene's new role as a father. Meanwhile, at Whit's End, Eugene and Whit are pleasantly surprised by Bernard's return, leading to humorous exchanges and reflections on the changes in their lives.


Bernard Walton
Red Hollard
John Avery Whittaker
Eugene Meltsner

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Individual Comic Strips

Comic Strip No. Writer Artist(s) Release Date
17 Evan David Brian Dawson 10/31/22
Red Hollard visits Watson's Hardware Emporium but learns that Wooton Bassett bought all the garden hoses for a world record attempt. Frustrated, Red drives to Connellsville for a hose but inadvertently bumps into Bernard Walton, leading to a comical encounter. Despite the mishap, they're delighted to reunite, showcasing their colorful personalities in a humorous exchange.
18 Evan David Brian Dawson 11/7/22
Red and Bernard reminisce about their past encounter at the Odenton Oatmeal factory, with Bernard grumbling about still finding oatmeal flakes. Bernard reflects on his booming business in Connellsville but admits missing the community in Odyssey. Red playfully teases Bernard about the cleanliness of Whit's End's windows, prompting Bernard to storm off in mock indignation, determined to visit later.
19 Evan David Brian Dawson 11/14/22
Eugene expresses concern to Whit about Bart Rathbone's actions from the previous story arc, but Whit dismisses it. Bernard Walton's surprise entrance brings joy to Eugene and Whit, who exchange warm greetings with him. Eugene, being his usual pedantic self, corrects Bernard's figurative language, leading to a humorous exchange about the passage of time and Eugene's recent adoption of a teenage son, Buck.