No Boundaries

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#445: “No Boundaries”
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34: In Your Wildest Dreams
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Proverbs 13:1

1A wise son heeds his father's instruction, but a mocker does not listen to rebuke.

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No Boundaries

“No Boundaries” is episode #445 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by John Fornof, and originally aired on May 6, 2000.


Through the Room of Consequence, Alex Jefferson experiences what life would be like if he could do whatever he wanted—without any rules.


Oh, the humanity! Alex is at Whit’s End complaining about the rules his parents give him. He feels they are overbearing, too strict, and should give him “just a little slack.” Whit decides that he might have just the right solution for Alex. He takes him into the Room of Consequence and sets up a scenario. In the invention, Alex is given everything he could possibly want, as well as no rules whatsoever! Alex thinks this will be perfect.

The first night he gets sick from eating too much candy. Then he mouths off in class and is backed up by his parents in the principal’s office. Soon thereafter, he drags his friend David along to the hardware store, where he shoplifts a couple cans of paint in order to do some “decorating.” The manager of the store almost catches them, and Alex decides that in retaliation, they should break the front store window. David Straussberg thinks Alex has gone off the deep end and says they can't be friends anymore.

Alex is now very angry, and he takes off in his mother’s car. After racing around town for awhile, he crashes into another vehicle. Later, he wakes up in the hospital to find his legs are paralyzed. He also learns that the people in the other car were none other than David and Rachel Straussberg, David's Mom mom. David’s mom made it, but David did not.

At this point, Alex, overcome with the reality of the situation, begins screaming to be “let out.” Mr. Whittaker shuts down the Room of Consequence, and Alex decides that there truly are reasons for boundaries we have in our lives.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why is it wrong for parents to give kids everything they want?
  2. The Bible says God disciplines those he loves. What do you think this verse means?
  3. In Psalm 37, David says to delight ourselves in God and He will give us the desires of our heart. Does that mean He'll give you all the candy bars you want?
    • A key part of this verse tells us to "delight ourselves in God". How can you do that?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Alex Jefferson Travis Tedford
David Straussberg Jeff Ellison
Mr. Jefferson Matt Hurwitz
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Principal Johnson Phil Lollar
Rachel Jefferson Unknown
Patrick O'Ryan Will Ryan
Teacher Will Ryan
Store Manager Will Ryan

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Rachel Straussberg David Straussberg


VERSION DIFFERENCE: [view] This episode originally had an AIO shorty in the middle of it. The shorty was titled "Mr. How-To: The House Built on Sand". The shorty was also included in the original airing of #427: “Something Cliqued Between Us”, and is available as a bonus feature on Gold Audio Album 13: It All Started When....

  • The book title "Dare to Let Go" is a reference to Dr. Dobson's book Dare to Discipline. Amusingly, the book in this episode was said to have been approved by "The American Psychopathological Society."
  • The "Game Guy" video game system from this episode is most likely a parody of the Nintendo Game Boy.


David Straussberg: Where'd you get that bike? It's awesome!
Alex Jefferson: My folks got it for me. It's even got a mini radio. See?
David Straussberg: I wish my parents were like yours, always giving me stuff.
Alex Jefferson: Well, I guess my parents just find me more lovable.

Alex Jefferson: Get me out!! Out! Out!!

Alex Jefferson: Hey, Mom. Hey, Dad. Hey, Johnsy.
Principal Johnson: That's "Principal Johnson." And will you please take your feet off my desk?
Alex Jefferson: Whatever.
Rachel Jefferson: Good boy, Alex.

Alex Jefferson: Uh, is it all right if I stay up late tonight?
Mr. Jefferson: Absolutely not. It's a school night.
Alex Jefferson: Yes! Thanks, Mom! Thanks, Dad! You're the greatest!