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Nelson Swanson
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See Swanson family

Nelson has an older sister, Valerie. They do not get along very well.


Kidsboro Military Information

He is a soldier for the Kidsboro Military. He is in charge of ammunition, being the resident science kid.


Nelson Swanson: Haven't you noticed that people are staring at you?
Matthew Parker: Who?
Nelson Swanson: Everyone.
Matthew Parker: Is there something hanging from my nose?

#659: “Target of the Week”

Nelson Swanson: Ryan, you've gone viral!
Holy Hoop Rap: Holy, holy, holy hoop, holy holy hoop...
Brad Ralph: Wow. Some people have too much time on their hands.

#721: “The Holy Hoopster”

Nelson Swanson: And I can invent things and do scientific experiments on live subjects?
John Whittaker: Yes. Well, no not the experiment part.
Nelson Swanson: Aw, rats.
John Whittaker: No, no experiments on rats either.

#643: “Kidsboro, Part 1”

Nelson Swanson: Hey Matthew.
Matthew Parker: Ahhhhhhh!! Don't scare me like that!
Nelson Swanson: I just said your name.
Matthew Parker: Well, warn me before you speak to me!

#659: “Target of the Week”

Jay Smouse: So what's that little contraption there? Today's project?
Matthew Parker: It's..
Nelson Swanson: An Appleberry phone that we found by the creek.
Matthew Parker: ..none of your business.. Good job, Nelson.

#680: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 2”

Ryan Cummings: Objection, she's [Valerie] badgering the witness.
Nelson Swanson: Yeah, that's exactly what she's doing. I feel badgered.

#644: “Kidsboro, Part 2”

Nelson Swanson: Have you ever been diagnosed as obsessive compulsive?
Matthew Parker: Not yet... but my parents are talking about it.
Nelson Swanson: Big surprise!

#680: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 2”

Matthew Parker: Nelson, I thought you were, like, a man of Science, a wonderer of nature, all that stuff.
Nelson Swanson: Yeah, it's great if I can study in a controlled environment, in cages or under a microscope.
Matthew Parker: So... You like nature as long as it isn't natural?
Nelson Swanson: Is that unreasonable?

#679: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 1”

Nelson Swanson: Abort the mission, Abort!

#659: “Target of the Week”


Nelson Swanson is voiced by Georgina Cordova, has appeared in 13 episodes, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Nelson Swanson}}%.

Nelson Swanson has been mentioned in 2 episodes.