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Jules Kendall
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She is 16 years old, wears thick black eyeliner, and is annoyed by awkward situations. Jules is not a Christian, and believes that life is a "food chain". She is used to her father's strange behaviors, such as not being introduced to her half-sister, Connie Kendall, until June Kendall's funeral.


Jules first appeared in Life Expectancy, Part 2 with her father for June Kendall's funeral. During that time, she met her half-sister, Connie for the first time.

Later, she appeared in The Ties that Bind, when she unexpectedly showed up in Odyssey. She came to Odyssey to find information about Wooton's unreleased comic books for the Perilous Pen's online blog. Vance King was her partner in crime. Her schemes were revealed and she returned to California.

She returned to Odyssey a third time at Wooton and Penny's wedding reception, much to the surprise of Connie and Whit. Connie allowed Jules to stay with her and even signed her up for school. Since then, she has stayed in Odyssey. She has made friends with Buck Oliver and has become "mortal enemies" with Valerie Swanson.


Her father is Bill Kendall, her mother is Jan. Her half-sister is Connie Kendall. Mildred Kendall was her grandmother.



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Jules Kendall is voiced by Shona Rodman, has appeared in 46 episodes.

Jules Kendall has been mentioned in 9 episodes.

Jules Kendall has appeared in 6 comic story arc(s).

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