Tom Riley's farm

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Tom Riley's farm
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Tom Riley's farm is a major setting in Adventures in Odyssey. The Timothy Center is located on the farm.


Many of the apple trees on the farm were originally sown by Johnny Appleseed, who also built and stayed in the cabin still present on the grounds (see section below).

The farm was passed down from Tom Riley Sr. to his son Tom Riley upon the former's death.

In 1989, Richard Maxwell burned down the barn as a distraction so Tom and Whit would miss a City Council vote. Families from Odyssey helped Tom build a new barn several weeks later. (#78: “The Nemesis, Part 2”, #79: “Our Best Vacation Ever”)

In 1990, the orchard crops were polluted by the Edgebiter Chemical Company, who allowed toxic chemicals to be dumped into a stream running through the farm. Several people became sick from the pollution, though thankfully the matter was discovered and corrected quickly. (#128: “One Bad Apple”)

In 1992, the farm was threatened by the placement of a state highway through the land — a scheme spearheaded by Tom Riley's nemesis Philip Glossman. Only by the intervention of wandering stranger Mr. Chapman was the farm saved thanks to Chapman's discovery of the historical connection between Appleseed, the orchard and the cabin. (#202: “Timmy's Cabin”)

In 1994, the farm was temporarily closed with all its apples being recalled thanks to another Philip Glossman scheme that claimed that the land was still polluted by the Edgebiter chemicals. In reality, Glossman's henchmen were dumping chemicals into the water to achieve the desired negative test results. This was used against Tom in the election by his opponent Bart Rathbone. After the plot was exposed by Eugene Meltsner and Sam Johnson, the farm re-opened for business. (#286 – #287: “Tom for Mayor”)

In 2002, Tom allowed the Novacom Corporation to build a communications tower on the land. Ostensibly a tool of Novacom's plot to control the minds of the population, the tower was actually a decoy and served no purpose. It was destroyed by deranged former employee (and victim) Arthur Dent not long after its construction. (#457: “Opportunity Knocks”, #498: “Exactly as Planned”)

In 2017, years after Tom's death, Tom's will was discovered to state that Whit, Eugene and Connie would all receive an acre each of the land of the farm while his sister Rebecca Clemmens received the rest. (#811 – #812: “Legacy”)


The cabin on the farm was originally built by Johnny Appleseed.

Tom's son Timothy "Timmy" Riley would later refurbish the cabin and make it his hideout. At some point during the 1970s, Timmy buried a box of personal valuables under the cabin floorboards. Shortly afterward, he and his friend P.D. Barnes stayed in the cabin overnight before going fishing, at which time Timmy would tragically drown. (#407: “Malachi's Message, Part 2”, #202: “Timmy's Cabin”)

Ben Shepard, at the time a wandering hitchhiker, helped put a new roof on the barn presumably during the 1980s. The roof has never leaked or needed replacement or repairs since. (#418: “Opening Day”)


Tom owns several horses and named three. Rachel, Leah, and Little Joe share Tom's farm along with some other horses he received from an owner wishing to retire her horses.


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