BSA: This is Nick Grant?

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BSA: This is Nick Grant?
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BSA: Meteorite Mayhem BSA: This is Nick Grant? BSA: Other Odysseys - Bart for Mayor

"BSA: This is Nick Grant?" is a story arc in the Byte Sized Adventures social media comic series.


While she and Jules visit their Dad in California, Connie runs into an old friend.


Connie and Jules are about to embark on a week-long trip to visit their father, Bill, in Los Angeles. The journey begins with Connie posting a message on the Whit’s End bulletin board to inform everyone about her and Jules' vacation. Despite a hectic start, including a frantic last-minute packing session and a mix-up with airport terminals that delays their reunion with Jan, Bill’s most recent ex-wife. Upon her arrival, Jan, exhausted from the traffic, asks Connie to drive, leading to a mildly awkward conversation about Jules' friend, Buck.

At Bill's opulent Hollywood home, the sisters are introduced to Rue, Bill’s new girlfriend, much to Connie’s surprise. Despite the initial awkwardness, they settle in, with Jules excitedly planning a shopping spree at a high-end mall using the shopping money given by Bill.

During their shopping trip, Connie spots a poster for Nick Grant’s new show and reveals to Jules that she once went on a date with the actor. This revelation leads to a series of events where Jules arranges for them to visit Nick on the set of his show. Connie reconnects with Nick, who is now a Christian and keen to rekindle their acquaintance.

Nick invites Connie for dinner, where he shares his faith journey and his struggles with his current acting contract. The dinner sparks a series of dates, documented by paparazzi and resulting in Connie gracing multiple magazine covers, much to her chagrin. As Connie and Nick spend more time together, he confesses that he’s falling in love with her, leaving Connie flustered and unsure of how to respond.

Meanwhile, Jules pushes boundaries by buying a dress Connie disapproved of, leading to a heart-to-heart where Connie admits her mistake in leading Nick on and emphasizes the importance of making wise choices. Connie decides to meet Nick to clear the air and apologizes for letting things get too serious. They part on amicable terms, agreeing that a long-distance relationship is not feasible given their different life paths.

As their trip concludes, Connie and Jules reflect on the week’s events. Jules apologizes for her behavior, and they share a touching moment, reaffirming their bond as sisters. The story ends with them packing for their return to Odyssey, having grown through the experiences of their vacation.

Main Characters

John Whittaker
Connie Kendall
Jules Kendall
Nick Grant
Bill Kendall
Penny Bassett


Jan (Jules' mom)
Rue (Bill's new girlfriend)
Wooton (Mentioned)


  • Rue's name is short for "Feb-rue-ary," continuing Bill's streak of women in his life being named after months on the calendar.
  • This story is a sequel to the episode "This is Chad Pearson?"

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