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BSA: Hotel Who Done It
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"BSA: Hotel Who Done It" is a story arc in the Byte Sized Adventures social media comic series.


Whit, Connie, Jules, and Renee encounter car trouble on a stormy night and seek refuge in an old hotel. As they explore, they uncover mysterious clues, including a framed newspaper article about a bank robbery and a missing girl. Their suspicions lead them to believe the concierge might be involved, but they ultimately discover that it's all a misunderstanding orchestrated by the concierge's granddaughter, Tia, who was trying to impress her grandfather by sneaking into guests' rooms to make them feel welcome.


As the story opens, Whit and his friends, Connie, Jules, and Renee, are driving back to Odyssey after a fun trip to Cedar Point. The weather takes a turn for the worse, and soon they're caught in a dark and stormy night. Whit’s car engine begins to smoke, forcing them to pull off the highway and take a side road. They end up on the grounds of an old, eerie hotel, dilapidated and isolated, with no cell service to call for help.

They decide to seek shelter inside the hotel and find a phone to call for assistance. As they enter the lobby, soaking wet from the downpour, they're greeted by Mr. Havisham, the hotel's overly enthusiastic concierge. His smile is unsettling, adding to the hotel's creepy atmosphere. The girls whisper their suspicions about Mr. Havisham’s strange demeanor while Whit asks to use the phone. He’s informed that due to the storm, help won’t arrive until the morning, meaning they’ll have to stay the night.

Mr. Havisham shows them to their rooms, which are dimly lit and filled with unsettling paintings, including one of a young woman that catches Renee’s attention. The girls, sharing a room, come across a framed newspaper article about a local bank robbery from years ago involving a young woman who was taken hostage and never seen again. One of the paintings on the walls was a portrait of the girl who went missing, causing the girls to suspect Mr. Havisham’s possible connection to the old crime.

That night, strange things begin to happen. Jules discovers an ominous message written on the bathroom mirror and a plate of cookies mysteriously appears in their room. Alarmed, they rush to Whit’s room to report their findings. Whit, trying to calm them, suggests they confront Mr. Havisham in the morning. Meanwhile, Jules barricades their door for safety.

Unable to sleep, Jules, Renee, and Connie decide to investigate further. They sneak downstairs and, behind the hotel’s front desk, find a hidden safe. Inside, they discover documents, a small amount of money, and a diamond engagement ring engraved with the name of the missing hostage. They hear mysterious noises, leading them to find a secret passage that connects to their room, proving someone had indeed snuck in.

As they explore the passage, they encounter a small figure, whom they eventually corner. It turns out to be Tia, Mr. Havisham’s granddaughter. Mr. Havisham and Whit, having followed the commotion, explain the situation. Mr. Havisham recounts the true story behind the old newspaper article: the young woman, his late wife, had been released by the bank robbers and went on to marry him the next day. She later corrected the newspaper’s mistaken report of her disappearance.

Tia confesses that she was trying to impress the guests by sneaking around and providing unexpected comforts, hoping to revive the hotel’s business. Whit points out that while Tia’s intentions were good, her methods were misguided and caused unnecessary fear.

Everyone learns a lesson that night. Whit emphasizes the importance of not jumping to conclusions and letting fear influence their thinking. Tia learns about boundaries and honesty. As morning breaks, the group prepares to leave, laughing and relieved as they reflect on their wild night at the hotel.

Main Characters

John Whittaker
Connie Kendall
Jules Kendall
Renee Carter

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