BSA: Other Odysseys - Bart for Mayor

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BSA: Other Odysseys - Bart for Mayor
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BSA: This is Nick Grant? BSA: Other Odysseys - Bart for Mayor BSA: Hotel Who Done It

"BSA: Other Odysseys - Bart for Mayor" is a story arc in the Byte Sized Adventures social media comic series.


Renee creates a new program that can simulate possible alternate futures. In her first trial run, she explores what it would have been like if Bart Rathbone had been elected Mayor.


Renee Carter is seen reflected on the screen of the Room of Consequence interface. She logs her final preparations for an experiment designed to simulate alternate events in Odyssey's history. As she feeds the data into the ROC, the system begins compiling vast amounts of information, including maps, architectural archives, news articles, radio broadcasts, security camera footage, and internet encyclopedia data. The ROC then activates an algorithm named "Branching Timeline" to generate and render various hypothetical scenarios.

The next day, Renee discovers that the algorithm has generated numerous "what if" scenarios beyond her initial intention. These include alternative outcomes for major events involving key characters in Odyssey. Despite her initial surprise, Renee finds the results fascinating and decides to test one of the scenarios to see if the ROC functions as intended. She chooses to explore the scenario titled "What_If_Bart_Rathbone_Had_Been_Elected_Mayor.roc."

Inside the ROC, the simulated alternate timeline begins with Bart Rathbone announcing his candidacy for mayor from the 2-parter episode "The One About Trust." Bart promises a return to a "kinder Odyssey" and uses his business, the Electric Palace, as his campaign headquarters. At home, Bart reveals to his wife, Doris, and son, Rodney, a plan to leverage a pay disparity between Whit’s employees to blackmail Whit into endorsing him. The timeline then diverges from the actual events that took place, and Rodney suggests they plant false dirt on Bart's opponent, Margaret Faye, since she appears to be squeaky clean.

Meanwhile, Jared DeWhite, a young conspiracy theorist, spies on Margaret Faye’s campaign office and catches Rodney sneaking out. Jared confronts Rodney but is threatened into silence. Rodney brings Jared to Bart, who attempts to bribe him with free video games for life to ensure his silence. Jared reluctantly accepts, rationalizing that keeping quiet will prevent turmoil.

As the campaign progresses, Bart publicly accuses Margaret Faye of attempting to bribe him to drop out of the race. An investigation confirms the false email’s origin, (an e-mail which Rodney planted on her computer), leading to Margaret’s disqualification. Bart runs unopposed and is elected mayor. His tenure begins with absurd policies, like mandating an electric light decorating contest to boost Electric Palace sales, which eventually leads to a massive power outage and the town granting him emergency executive powers.

Bart abuses his newfound authority, implementing bizarre and self-serving policies that alienate and disrupt the community. The situation deteriorates, culminating in widespread financial and infrastructural damage. Jared, realizing the extent of the chaos his silence enabled, decides to confront Bart, who dismisses Jared's concerns and threatens him again.

Desperate, Jared confesses his role to Mr. Whittaker, who advises him to come clean despite potential consequences. Jared's confession leads to a public scandal, with Bart being accused and later confirmed of election fraud. Bart resigns in disgrace and is arrested. Margaret Faye is eventually elected as mayor, promising to restore Odyssey.

Despite his role in the crisis, Jared feels the backlash of public opinion but finds solace in Whittaker’s support, affirming the importance of doing the right thing. The simulation ends, with Renee marveling at the ROC’s detailed and lifelike rendering of the alternate timeline. She contemplates exploring other "what if" scenarios to further understand the potential impacts of different choices in Odyssey's history.

Main Characters

Rathbone family
Jared DeWhite
Tom Riley
John Whittaker
Renee Carter


The Shepard family
Jack Allen
Joanne Allen
Bernard Walton
Margaret Faye (Mentioned)

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Renee creates the simulation in modern day Odyssey (the story was released in 2023). However the events of the simulation spin directly out of the episode "The One About Trust."