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#459: “Slumber Party”
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35: The Big Picture
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Proverbs 17:17

17A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

Proverbs 27:17
17As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

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Slumber Party

“Slumber Party” is episode #459 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Kathy Buchanan, and originally aired on December 16, 2000.


Mandy has a difficult time keeping control of the girls at her slumber party.


Mandy Straussberg is having a slumber party. Yes, a slumber party...those times when you have deep, meaningful conversations, stay up late and shaving cream the person who falls asleep first. Liz and Sarah arrive at Mandy's house just as her brother David is leaving to stay over at Alex's house.

The first order of business, after arguing about sleeping bags, is to order the pizza. As they are eating the pizza, Mandy discovers it may be a long night as she is breaking up the constant tiff between Liz and Sarah. After playing board games, Liz suggests that they watch Revenge of the Killer Zombies, Part 3. When the other girls refuse, Liz suggests truth or dare instead. Sarah promptly dares Liz to go the end of the driveway, which terrifies her. Just as she is describing the terrifying glowing-eyed monster that lives in the region, they see beams of light out the window.

Meanwhile, Alex and David are outside the house plotting to scare the girls with masks. When the boys pop up at the window with Cinderella and duck masks on, the girls open the window to find them laughing hysterically. The girls ask them where they got the flashlights and the boys insist it wasn't them. They hurriedly climb in the window to escape whatever frightening monster might be lurking out there. The girls agree that the boys can stay for a little while. The game of truth or dare continues with Sarah asking Alex who he thinks is the cutest in their class. After thinking for a long time, Alex finally replies....Holly....the hamster in biology class. Then David sees the Killer Zombies video and puts it in to watch it. After watching for awhile, Liz and Sarah get into another tiff and start a food fight. Liz decides to have a piece of pizza she left over from earlier. When Mandy refuses to allow her to use the microwave since it was being fixed, Liz decides to heat it on a light bulb. Eventually Liz, Sarah, Alex, and David get into another shouting match and Mandy uncharacteristically flies off the handle. While she's lecturing the others, the fire alarm suddenly goes off and they realize they had forgotten about the pizza on the light bulb. Mandy's dad comes down to see what on earth is going on. He finds a mess of party food, a burning piece of pizza, Alex and David (who aren't supposed to be there), and a zombie movie on the TV. Needless to say, he's less than thrilled. After calling Alex's parents, he starts all of the kids cleaning up the house. The next morning, the girls are having breakfast and they all agree that it was a good slumber party.

Discussion Questions

  1. What are some things that the girls did at the slumber party that they shouldn't have done?
  2. Why did Mandy feel like everything was getting out of control?
  3. Have you ever felt like Mandy?
  4. How would you do things differently at the party if you were in Mandy's place?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Alex Jefferson Travis Tedford
David Straussberg Jeff Ellison
Liz Horton Lauren Schaffel
Mandy Straussberg Aria Curzon
Rachel Straussberg Kathy Buchanan
Sarah Prachett Scarlett Pomers
Stephen Straussberg Randy Crenshaw

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Dale Horton Liz Horton
Mr. Jefferson Stephen Straussberg
Rachel Jefferson Stephen Straussberg


  • The library shows Liz as being a skinny girl, despite the fact that here she is described as being big-boned.
  • This is the last episode to feature Jeff Ellison in the role of David. David would return six years later but would be voiced by Robbie Rist instead, sporting a markedly different personality.
  • In the behind the scenes feature included in the Novacom Saga box set, the writers reveal that while the lights outside which scared the girls weren't intended to have anything to do with Novacom, so many listeners were certain that the lights were connected that the crew considered a ret-con which would tie them into the saga.


Liz Horton: You have red-eyed monsters upstairs?
Stephen Straussberg: Not literally, Liz. I’m talking about me and Mrs. Straussberg.
Liz Horton: But why are you red-eyed? Do you have an infection or something? Because my dad had pink eye and he used some great drops for it.
Stephen Straussberg: We’re tired, Liz. That’s all I meant.
Mandy Straussberg: Never mind, Dad.
Stephen Straussberg: Now, listen, you three. I told you before: you can stay up late if you keep it quiet, and you’re not keeping it quiet. Now settle down with a quiet game or something or you’ll have to go to bed now. Is that what you want?
Mandy, Liz, Sarah: No, sir.

Liz Horton: How else would those poor tribal people in Africa heat up their pizza?

Liz Horton: You really think you're better than everyone, don't you?
Sarah Prachett: Well, now that you mention it, maybe I am. I'm kind and loyal and gentle and...
Mandy Straussberg: Liz, remember what we talked about earlier?
Liz Horton: Yeah—right.
Sarah Prachett: ...and pretty and smart and almost perfect.
Liz Horton: I agree, Sarah: you are better than everyone else. You're kind and loyal—sort of like my Golden Retriever, actually. It's just too bad the resemblance doesn't end there.