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Donna Barclay
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Donna Renae Barclay is a major characer in Adventures in Odyssey. After the Barclay family moved to Pokenberry Falls, the family as a whole was only needed once again in the two part Christmas special #385 – #386: “It's a Pokenberry Christmas”, after which Donna has never again been heard (not counting retrospective shows). Her last known status was going to law school in California.


Main article: Barclay family

Donna is the oldest (and only girl) of three children. Her younger brothers are Jimmy who is 2 years younger (and annoying, according to her) and Stewart, who is probably around 15 years younger. Her parents are Mary and George Barclay. Her grandfather is Grandpa Barclay. They also have a dog named Normal who is also considered a member of the family.


Donna is rambunctious and going through the typical phases of a teenager. She’s prone to complain and is always trying to keep up with what her friends are doing. She is constantly harassed by her younger brother Jimmy Barclay.


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Donna Barclay is voiced by Azure Janosky, has appeared in 53 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 88.6%.

Donna Barclay has been mentioned in 12 episodes.