Where There's a Will...

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#147: “Where There's a Will...”
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Ephesians 5:17

17Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is.

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Where There's a Will...

“Where There's a Will...” is episode #147 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on March 30, 1991.


When George Barclay gets a job offer in Washington, D.C., the entire Barclay family tries to help him figure out God's will.



George Barclay returns from a business trip to Washington, D.C., with some big news: His company’s head office wants to give him a promotion and move him and the family to the nation’s capital! Jimmy and Donna Barclay throw fits when they hear the news, but George and Mary tell them that they haven’t decided anything yet. They’re waiting until they know exactly what God wants them to do. George and Mary advise Jimmy and Donna to also seek God’s will in the matter.

Jimmy and Donna aren’t quite sure of how to do that. Donna enlists Jessie Morales's assistance, while Jimmy goes to Whit. Whit tells Jimmy the biblical story of Gideon, who tried to discern God’s will by praying for dew to appear on a fleece which Jimmy attempts to duplicate that night with his wool sweater. Donna and Jessie pray over random Bible verses.

Unfortunately, both Barclay kids arrive at opposite conclusions. Donna’s scripture search says they should stay, and Jimmy’s sweater experiment says they should go.

Meanwhile, George’s boss, Mr. Cole, comes for a visit. When George shows Mr. Cole around Odyssey, he realizes how much both the town and especially George’s family mean to him. Mr. Cole tells George that he must decide if the job really is right for him, it will require not only a move to a new city, but also much more of George’s time and energy. After thinking more about it, George decides it’s not the right thing for him or the family. Odyssey will have the Barclays around for a while longer. It’s God’s will.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you think God shows us His will today the same way He showed Gideon His will?
    • Explain your answer.
  2. What was wrong with the way Donna and Jessie searched for God’s will?
  3. Have you discovered God’s will for your life?
    • How?
    • In what way?



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Jimmy Barclay: I was outvoted on the T.V., all they talked about was girl stuff and Donna can't throw a ball worth beans!
Donna Barclay: You can't throw.

Donna Barclay: You're wacko.
Jimmy Barclay: You're weird.
George Barclay: You're both in trouble if you don't stop and tell us what's going on!